The Ethnic Cleansing of Catholics
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The Ethnic Cleansing of Catholics

 September, 1991

To witness the United States destroying a group culture, one does not need to read about the American Indian. Just look at what is happening to Catholics.

Wake up, Catholics! Your traditions have been trashed. Your children have become savaged. Your boys are seduced by older women and men. Your girls are haremized. Your family life has been destroyed. Your schools are impoverished. Your mothers are demeaned and economically thrown out of their homes. Your fathers are offered concubines galore. Your grandchildren are aborted. Your churches have been desecrated. Your priests and nuns are defamed. Newspapers commit anti-Catholic sacrileges galore. Pornography rapes all of your minds. "Art" shows portray the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as male genitalia. Plays mock you. Music parodies Catholicism. Movies attack anything Catholic. Catholic performers had better publicly deny their religion to be allowed to survive by the rabbis in charge. History books ignore Catholic contributions to the United States and the world . . . or lie about them. Your popes are scape-goated and blamed for every problem imaginable. Medical schools demand, scheme, trick, and force Catholic doctors-in-training to assist in or to do abortions. The cream of Catho,ic young men) and now young women) are cannon fodder for the military. Catholic politicians are capons trained to dance for the press. The First Amendment is an anti-Catholic battle ax. Your ethics have been diluted such that doctors can kill at will, turning society into one big abortion-mill-nursing-home. There is no salvation any longer: Catholic Virtue has been replaced by Pagan Rites, and the Catholic Church gets sued because it is trying to "impose its values." Catholicphobia, if you ask me.

Society cannot get more anti-Catholic than this: The press assaults Truth; the media assaults Love; education assaults the Traditional; and politicians are either pimps for or wimps against Evil.

Catholic culture has been sabotaged and obstructed overtly and covertly by well-funded Catholic-phobic groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Planned Parenthood, and the pox of the press and media.

Catholic culture is being destroyed by the United States just like that of the American Indians. Catholics, don't weep for the Indians -- look in the mirror and weep for yourselves and then start living the Sacraments.

With Virtue, the transcendentals, and the Sacraments, you can be free of all this nonsense and never lose your culture.


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