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Without Tradition

An Open Letter To All Bishops

September 7, 1995

While culpability is not existent if this is a mental disturbance, one often gets the sense that there is so little forthcoming from what American Bishops have begun to teach that one has to be daft not to realize what has happened by abandoning Tradition while mouthing instead the "spirit of Vatican II."

Not that there were no wrongs before, but things are getting worse and worse. A hard look must be taken into what has happened over the past fifty years. People are crying, ignorant, floundering, adrift, crazy, screaming. Screaming so loud we cannot hear the cock crowing time and time again. Everything is getting worse. What has happened to all those great advances that were supposed to be forthcoming by the new approaches?

What good has come from all the non-Traditional so-called "positive" discoveries? Do you really believe that words like ego, super ego and id are more important than Scriptures as given by Rome? Do you really believe that sex education (squirt ed really) produces anything but poisoned fruit? And, sex ed just does not work. It does not work. Do you really feel that people are better off with the liberal touchy-feely, lovey-dovey drivel which has as much substance as the flickering lights of television and movie screens or as ink smudged newsprint?

When will we have one mass that reaches back to the apostles? When will our youth once again get a sense of right and wrong? Where will our young people grasp suffering-for-the- good-and-true realizing that it has salvific value? When will citizens realize that the Church is the alternative to the press and media and not its competitor except in the most superficial sense? When will we have a deeper understanding, more solid reasons and alternatives to this age's nonsense which is so gross now that one has to be daft not to see what has been missing since the deformation of Vatican II? When the heredity gene mappers likely find the liar gene among journalists, will they find the cowardice gene among Bishops? There is no authority, no sin, no consequences, no reality, no confession, just "how do you feel about it?" Why should one bother worrying about anything but oneself?

"We must obey God rather than men" (Acts 5:29). For certain, men are angry at men and men do not want to obey men...so where is God when dolts are playing with their television sets or genuflecting to the local newspaper editors or pleading for an imprimatur from the press and media?

Thirty-two years of all this blather without Tradition, fifty years of evolution (laughably still unproven by science) and forty years of electronic celluloid "culture" [sic] and look about. Enough! Enough! Turn off your radios and television sets. Throw away your newspapers. Listen! You may be hearing a chorus of crowing cocks.


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