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October 30, 1992

The Plain Dealer, like most First Amendment Jackasses whose only principle is arbitrariness, sanctimoniously protests "Bush/Quayle rally organizers (10/30/92) for removing signs and herding Clinton/Gore supporters away.

Your editors have to flush twice!

Salivating indignation, the Plain Dealer inhales its own ordure because it failed to expose Right-to-Life protestors being sexually harassed, tortured and bonecrushingly brutalized by police in city after city across the country over the past four years. The rest of the news services did the same. Rodney King, yes. Clinton/Gore sign carriers, yes. Right-to-Lifers, no!

Plain Dealer: Your protests are arbitrary. Your words are empty. Your principles are nothing. You are self-serving frauds. You do not deserve the First Amendment behind which you cravingly hide.

And, following the Constitution, the only answer to an arbitrary press is the Second Amendment -- not only guns but firebombs.

How long does the press think it can keep this up before the people catch on and take the only corrective action left open to them?

If a New Age, a New Man, a New Millennium are to be forthcoming, the press and media will assuredly not be of the Plain Dealer's ilk.


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