Breaking The Last Taboo
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Breaking "The Last Taboo"

A Psychiatrist's Criticism Of The News Press

A Speech Given In Akron, Ohio

September 19, 1992

Ten score and 16 years ago, our forefathers gave us the First Amendment by which the public could obtain truth by freely speaking, by freely assembling, by freely hearing the word of God and by a free press. Originally, all were equal, but the first three (speech, assembly, and religion) have been overwhelmed by the free press which has become a Frankenstein monster self-indulgently preventing the news. Unable to make news themselves, the news people present the news to make themselves or their ideas important. Their only consistent standard is arbitrariness.

The kindest way to put it is the following: Those in charge of the news press are a bunch of goddamn psychopathic bastards who have stolen the First Amendment from the people and cannot get anything right.

I challenge the news press to give me one journalistic principle that they have not violated when it comes to the coverage of abortion and Right-to-Lifers. The news services are imposing their values on the public and are ventriloquist-wanna-be's for politicians who are not allowed to run their own independent campaigns. To be a Right-to-Life politician in the United States is almost euthanasia because of the press.

Anyone who dares to take the Right-to-Life position will be subjected to overt and covert harassment, diminishment, and denigration reminiscent of anti-Semitic "journalism" in Nazi Germany. The principles for the basis of discrimination are the same and like Jews in Nazi Germany, Right-to-Lifers are being unjustly treated by judges, police and authorities who actually are the contemporary Nazi SS. Like Jews in Nazi Germany, Right-to- Lifers are demeaned personally by the Nazi press, brutalized by Nazi police, and extremely unfairly sentenced by Nazi judges in power. No group of citizens has ever been trashed like Right-to- Life in the United States except perhaps abolitionists 130 years ago trying to stop slavery...and history repeats itself once again.

But today, talking or writing about "homophobia" and sexism and racism and other pet victims, the news press are the worst bigots in history, putting into effect a hatred of Right-to-Lifers worse than the homophobia, sexism, and racism that the news press claims to decry. This is the worst phobia in the United States: Right-to-Life phobia. The news press talks about "venom" from us while they spew forth their own Right-to-Life bashing, their own venom unable to recognize their own cobra style. For the press, we Right-to-Lifers should wear this -- a gold star with "R2L" on it -- so the police know who they can beat up with impunity, so judges know who they can crush with unjust sentencing, so the press knows who to ignore to stereotype and to prejudge just like in Nazi Germany. This is not to trivialize the Nazi Holocaust but to remind all of just how sneaky it is -- just how it was done -- because the press would not do its job. "Never again" is a sham as, instead of six million Jews, we have 30 million Gentiles dead already -- and the sanctimonious press does not even recognize its own prejudicial, bigoted, unprincipled treatment of Right-to- Lifers.

A crucial issue is how to recognize lies -- and all you have to do is turn on the evening news or pick up the New York Times. The press is at war with good news or with any news or presentation that does not fit with their preconceived ideology. Whatever this is, it is not journalism. The news press is run by frauds, cowards, and ignoramuses who are selective about the victims they are going to promote and, worst of all, they are actually arbitrary.

Oh, I grant you must listen to what the news press has to say, but you know they haven't got it right -- you know they have only given you crumbs of news which they have pre-selected to convey their own values and positions.

The news press does not know how to defuse -- it only knows how to inflame. The press finds the level to which it is willing to go and that is it. They change the news to how they want it to be. The news press tries to play the public like a banjo and the public has a right to know this as well as the right to unmanipulated news and that is not what is being provided. The press creates problems with which it can deal-- "homophobia," racism, sexism -- and it attempts to solve none but tries to inflame them all because by creating sensation, they can sell more advertising. The news press only functions when it is a self- promoter in some way. The press can only promote, not solve problems, when jealously guarding turf and modifying the news to suit and promote the press. This is not liberty but anarchy governed by the liars of the free press.

Also, the news people are consistently telling us how they are for the "little-people-against-big-oppressions" --but they can't even get that right, because they are for abortions and by such are damning the littlest people. The news press is failing to defend the smallest members of the human family.

Straight news? Hardly ever, hardly ever -- what we get for news is always the interpretation or twists or distortions to suit the editor. You cannot ever get tired of fiction nowadays -- the news is almost all fiction! The news press is a menace to truth.

The news services are damaging the social fabric of this country by not keeping trust with the First Amendment -- which they no longer deserve. The news services decide what is news and they suppress the public's right to know. If forced to print something with which they do not agree, they will subtly calculatingly bash it too. They decide themselves what the public is to know. It is a conspiracy, a Watergate scheme, and a Nazi plan in every news editor's office everyday.

The news press has become a fourth branch of government for which there are no checks and balances -- and this must be corrected. The press is a state within the state! The news press has usurped the electoral college. The news press has usurped the political process with unelected television and news celebrities who have a power unimagined by the Constitutional fathers except for Fisher Ames who actually wrote the First Amendment with many expressed reservations. No doubt, had Fisher Ames prevailed, the framers of the Constitution would have done something drastic to see that the truth, the full truth, was given to the people.

The deformation and destruction of the U.S. political process by the news press occurs because politicians must dance for the press and must do what the press desires or else the coverage of them will be malignant. Hidden in this is a good way to discern for whom to vote: Any politician who panders to the press does not deserve election... A real statesman is a politician who does what is morally correct, ignoring the psychopaths of the press and media. As Jesus said: "Beware when they would speak well of you." He obviously was thinking of today's press, aware that truth is inversely related to the interest in public relations.

Politics is actually a clash of symbols...what are your symbols? What are theirs? Which party's symbols most resemble those of the press and media?

The press beats people up and then hides behind the First Amendment. There must be appropriate compensation for this. There must be a duty to truth that journalists should have. I remind you that unlimited unprincipled freedom is psychopathy and therefore the news press is being run by a bunch of psychopaths, or maybe gangsters is a better word. All the news reporters on television are a bunch of adept readers -- and that is about all they are. They can read well. They read their vision of the news, trying to be more important than the real news, something they can only do by being know-it-alls or smart-asses. And behind Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, and Peter Jennings (entertainers all 3) are a bunch of schemers long on entertainment, long on self-importance, and short on truth. Today's journalists are as expert on whatever topic they cover as Bert Lahr was an expert on lions (from Wizard of Oz). The news journalist, like the naked Emperor, ought to do more than zip up his fly -- he ought to take a good old-fashioned bath in lye soap (l-y-e!).

The most corrupt and discredited regimen ever in the United States is today's news press as a group. They are the biggest bunch of liars ever since golfers, used care salesmen, and fishermen had a convention together. They not only deserve no credit, they deserve no credibility. You can tell their bias and lack of credibility by one word: "Anti-abortion." As soon as you see or hear that word, you can skip the article. It was probably written by a Planned Parenthood pimp. Indeed, at the recent party conventions, one saw Pro-Clinton/Pro-Choice signs and the Pro- Bush/Pro-Life signs. In the news press, you will see "pro-choice" but you will not see "pro-life." To be precisely accurate, "pro- choice" is totally inappropriate for abortionists because they won't let those babies choose. In such regards, Right-to-Lifers are more pro-choice than abortion people. The "pro-choice" themes as presented today is nothing but a big con job. Do not worry about it -- we are going to tell what pro-abortionists are doing. Period.

Now, so far, I have said nothing but good things about the press. Let me give you some specific examples of some bad things against the press but be informed that one cannot really hurt the press any more than the press has already killed itself.

Some examples:

1. In the presidential campaign of 1988, the notoriety of the Willie Horton ad was a news press contrivance and an exaggerated story. It was a news press extravaganza and massive distortion. It was psychopathic to promote it as it was given to the public. In the same category but in the opposite direction belongs the perpetual victimization of Dan Quayle. Give the guy a break. Like Jimmie Carter was given a break when he introduced Hubert Humphrey as Hubert Horatio Hornblower and when he spoke in Poland and said, "I want you carnally" to the Polish press. If newsmockery is the norm, Clinton and Gore provide plenty of material too. When the pets of the liberal news press are treated with kid gloves (the Kennedy's, Anita Hill, Eleanor Rossevelt, Bill Clinton, liberals, liberals, and liberals), then the news press discredits itself and is unworthy of believing about anything. Moaning sanctimoniously about Willie Horton, the news press does its own "Willie Horton" day in and day out on Dan Quayle, Pat Buchanan, the Roman Catholic Church, and others with whom they disagree, obvious that the press' own deeds are of worse nature than that which they decry. Truly, the news press has no principles or standards which would have kept them out of such a predicament.

2. A once-popular anti-Vietnam war publicist, I.F. Stone, has been discovered to be a Soviet-funded Communist pimp -- and the press hasn't told the public of the far-reaching implications of this traitor who led the news press by the nose to the defeat of the United States in Vietnam. The contest between which individuals have fooled the press more is no longer a two-way race between John F. Kennedy and Alger Hiss but a three-way race between John F. Kennedy, Alger Hiss and I.F. Stone, all three being darlings of the news press. Indeed, the news press has been nothing but a fraud like John F. Kennedy and hidden Communists like Alger Hiss and I.F. Stone -- traitors indeed to the United States, a category into which belongs most of the news press. If it had not been for traitors like I.F. Stone and his supporters which includes many of today's news press, the United States would have whipped Ho Chi Minh like we did Saddam Hussein.

3. The 1991 Right-to-Life Rally in Washington, D.C. v. the 1992 Abortionists Rally has been a massive distortion demonstrating once again the psychopaths in charge of the news service. The Right-to- Life Rally approached 650,000 people. The Abortion Rally probably less than 300,000. The press is perpetually discredited for printing the lies about these rallies and other lies of Planned Parenthood. There is an approved bigotry ongoing from the press and media directed towards Right-to-Lifers. They rage -- all they need is a Hitlerian moustache. Accusing us Right-to-Lifers of being Nazis, these reporters and journalists and television commentators should look in the mirror. They spew forth their hatred and profess they would "not even walk down the street with a Right-to-Lifer." They would not object to our being identified with gold stars printed on them "R2L" for "Right-to-Lifer" and a big "BUBEN" on them -- the German for "Baby" and a clear takeoff on the famous anti-Semitic Nazi saying "Die Juden sind unser Ungluck" -- "The Jews are our misfortune," just as these pro-abortion people profess "the babies are our misfortune" -- "Die Buben sind unser Unglick." The Jews in Nazi Germany had to wear stars with "Juden" on them -- and we Right-to-Lifers in Nazi American can wear stars with "Buben" on them if not "R2L" as already mentioned.

4. The Rodney King incident could have been prevented had the news services shown the videos of the Los Angeles police beating up Right-to-Lifers almost two years before. The selectivity of the news services is evident here. They ignored police brutality for two years while it was directed against Right-to-Lifers. There is a video of a Nazi white woman Los Angeles cop spraying mace in the faces of women praying the rosary protesting abortion. That was censored. So was the use of numchucks by police Nazis breaking the bones of Right-to-Lifers. Only psychopaths could have ignored these events.

5. Anita Hill, 10 years after it supposedly happened, accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of talking dirty to her. Comparable accusations by some of Anita Hill's students directed towards her received no publication, i.e., three white male law students received their papers back from Anita Hill containing pubic hair. Really: the woman must be a certified kook, but the most important thing all this is that the press will not provide the same coverage for accusations against her that they gave to her accusations against Thomas. Well, since when are psychopaths supposed to be fair? On the other hand, I challenge the New York Times or the American Liberties Union to hire Anita Hill as an in- house attorney for male senior editors and above. I will give them two years before she will have one of them involved in what appears as a delusional eroticism.

6. When it comes to talking dirty, the tapes between Gennifer Flowers and Clinton are really something. What Clinton does is make tongue-lip noises as he and Gennifer giggle about what is known in old schoolboy talk as "motor boating," this while she is talking about his eagerness to perform oral sex on her. If Anita Hill had a few tapes of her alleged conversations with Clarence Thomas, we would be hearing them day-in and day-out and they would be quoted in the news day-in and day-out. President Bush has been gone over with a fine-tooth comb for two decades and nothing has been discovered that has any substance. But yet a fantasized "Jennifer" not documented for President Bush gets as much, if not more, coverage than Gennifer who is clearly documented for Clinton. Selective psychopathic coverage. But Gennifer Flowers testifies that Bill Clinton is a cunnilingus expert -- and no one has ever bothered to ask Hillary yet ... or any of the bimbos the Clinton camp expected to erupt. Why, where is Penthouse or Playgirl asking him for a description of how to do it? And will he ever make a training film for the National Organization of Women? Now, this is just our culture coming back to our politicians and to our news press. Why don't they ask such questions which become the press so greatly? Why, one could write a song about Bill Clinton because this is a presidential first! In fact, he and Madonna could make a book!

7. Newsman Diane Sawyer interviewing Marla Maples, the latest vagina for Donald Trump, asks: "Was it the best sex you ever had?" Some reporting! With questions like that, why not refer to Maples as that about which Diane Sawyer is most concerned for herself? The real news is that the women in the news press are psychopaths too and that feminism is a woman's contempt for herself while abortion is her self-punishment. Diane Sawyer will like what a young male immigrant stated to me.

American women are really something. You can almost always get a hand job, a blow job, or a quick screw. As far as a relationship goes, it is as significant as taking a leak.

Most assuredly not so yet -- but after another decade or two of Planned Parenthood and the National Education Association sex prostitution training programs, the American woman may be exactly what this immigrant's experience has been.

Feminism is nothing but hot air or public relations. This is so because feminism is actually responsible for nothing tangible. It has merely, opportunistically I add, laid claim to any and every social role change made possible by technological advances for which feminism cannot be credited. Feminists have publicized much but they are illegitimate and no valuable social change can be genuinely attributed to them alone. Any valuable change of social roles which have occurred will stand or fall on its own regardless of the claims or imaginations of feminists. Do not confuse feminism with the natural evolution of social roles made possible by technology which feminism had nothing to do with except as parasitic hangers-on or cheerleaders.

To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling:

I have six bottomless pitted feminists to serve; they take all that is mine. Their names are Harangue and Weasel and Wretch, and Want and Whimper and Whine.

Our military men experience this: mud, heat, sand, tasteless food, odors undescribable (from one's self and others), no toilets, duck the bullets and wet yourself. The same with feces. Screams never heard before even in a delivery room. Farts and borborygmi, the result of endless gulping air in terror pretending not to care that one will die, anticipating knife fights and combat to death gulping air. Bodies without arms, legs, faces, heads. Butchershop gore, only it is human gore. Death ignored so as to keep fighting. Until you die too. None of these men need cleavage, button- strained blouses, lipstick, nail polish, jiggling, callipygian form-fitting skirts, eye shadow, frosted hair, dangling earrings, eyebrow pencil, perfume, or shaved leggedness -- among other distractions to their preparing to fight to the death. And not only that, but men have to pickup the slack due to female colleagues who would have been drummed out or harassed out had they been men -- but now the men have to pretend that they can serve with women as if they are not militarily dangerous. And the soldier is not allowed to treat her as a weaker male in the usual not-so-veiled demand that he bulk up and get efficient -- so he can defend himself and the rest. And he cannot even treat her as a woman...pretend she is a professional soldier...all for her military career! This is a double bind in that the woman, wanting to be treated like a male, in effect ends up feminizing the entire unit. For another example, a group of military guys are cutting up. They sing a song which includes: "Hickory, dickory, dock, Patricia Schroeder s...ed my c...." and the one woman present goes tattle tale such that the men's careers are jeopardized. The only conclusion here is that all women in the military are Schroeder spies. What kind of cohesive unit is this going to make?

A detailed evaluation of the performance of females in Gulf War operations needs to be done by vigorous individuals who will accurately assess their performance -- individuals like Jesse Helms, Phyllis Schlafly, and Pat Buchanan. The public has a right to know what actually took place and what risks were aggravated and how they were compensated for. That young men must die for women's military careers is criminal and outrageous. That military women see their supreme duty not to the flag but to themselves is ordinary feminism at its mutinous worst. That military combat units are set up to be less than optimally MANned is stupid self- sabotage. That military and political leaders allow such to happen is TREASON for which the firing squad is too good. That some women are so narcissistic in their subhuman selfishness is obscene proof that they cannot be trusted in power over anything.

8. Considering the news press promotion of condoms, you would think the press would be enthusiastic over anything that gave a 12% reduction in birth rate, abortion rate, and pregnancy rate for teenagers? Well, when Minnesota and Missouri passed parental consent for abortion, that's what happened. Almost a 12% reduction in all categories, overnight without expense -- just by passing a simple law! Knowing mom and dad would know, the kids shaped up. A method of getting a 12% reduction, and the psychopathic press ignores it and actually denigrates the concept of parental consent for abortion.

9. To promote their feminist ideology, the press makes no mention at all about the fact that a woman in space was bumped from the extra-vehicular mission in 1992 because she lacked the strength to assist in retrieving a satellite gone awry. And Marie Rossie, Gulf War false hero, crashers her helicopter, killing all aboard. Dead, she is a hero but, if she had lived, she could have been court martialed for failing her mission -- something she herself said was all that she wanted and was supposed to do. The only thing that counts in the military is the completion of a mission successfully. Muscle mass definitely helps! Oh, well, the news press accepts the sacrifice of males by the hundreds or thousands in female-weakened military units on the altar of feminism. Really, which one do you want beside your husband or son in a combat situation: Hillary Clinton or Arnold Schwarzenegger?

10. The news press ignores the Justice Department's failure to address with vigor the evidence of Right-to-Lifers being abused by Los Angeles and other police departments -- all we hear about is Rodney King and a distortion of that too. But the Justice Department investigates fully the abuse by Los Angeles police of Rodney King -- and turned a blind eye to the overwhelming documented video tape evidence of the same police department against Right-to-Lifers.

11. Disgraceful is the press's collusion in the knighthood of John F. Kennedy -- who was one of the worst presidents this country ever had -- and the press has failed to follow their usual scandal- mongering in clarifying just what a big jerk he was. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is promoted as another JFK -- they got that right! The press will protect his womanizing just as they protected JFK's. Oh, well, beware of adulterers talking family values. Beware of news press manipulating the people!

12. Crazy is the failure of the press to clarify to the American people how our women POW's were sexually molested during their captivity in Iraq -- nothing to deter the press's love affair with placing our women in combat situations, pretending that "equality" demands such. The rape victims of Willie Horton get no respect either. Neither do the Right-to-Lifer women grossly sexually harassed by the Los Angeles Police Department and other police departments elsewhere. Of course, I know the press is confused because we have that wacky Major Rhonda Cornum, a liar even if sexually assaulted as a POW in Iraq. At first denying, then admitting, that the assaults were "kissing, fondling, and manual penetration vaginally and rectally," but then she calls all: "No big deal." What is the Major saying? Did she enjoy it? Does she recommend it for all our women? Tell it to Anita Hill and to the news press people who went bonkers over Hill's moaning and whining. Actually, Major Cornum should be out of the service, just like Anita Hill should be out of the law. They both could find good jobs as -- you guessed it -- journalists. Cornum could write about how sexual assault is no big deal. Anita Hill can write her fantasies about dirty talk. On the same theme, we read recently about an officer who asked a subordinate to pose in the nude for pictures to boost morale while aboard ship in the Gulf War. If Playboy had asked, no problem. He obviously misunderstood her as she flouted her endowments, perceiving her silence as sexual willingness. Later she cries sexual harassment. But her very silence then is a form of sexual harassment from the male's perspective. Unless she made it clear, she is obligated to assume the risk of her using cosmetics and her attractiveness-enhancing methods which create an extra interest on the part of men. Silence is consent and she must assume the risk. Furthermore, what kind of a soldier is she that she did not tell him to "Get lost!" On the other hand, perhaps a woman's very presence is a sex harassment for some men in the military and elsewhere? Women demand to define sex harassment from their perspective. Men should demand the same too, only being stupid we tend to enjoy it more than object. But whose standards to follow for women professing to be hurt? Anita Hill's, Major Cornum's, Gennifer Flowers', the Navy gal who refused to pose in the nude? How about the Navy women who could not stand up for themselves as they were sexually harassed at Tailhook Association Meeting (what used to be a Navy stag party)? Are these women military tough or not? Proclaiming they can handle the military, they whine and whine away...they can't even tell these guys to leave them alone! Perhaps Major Cornum would insist that all this is really nothing more than good training for military women. Anyway, when it comes to hurt women, what about those with the post-abortion syndrome? Where is the press' concern for the suffering of aborted women?

13. Psychopathic is the censorship by NBC Dateline of the leader of the Feminists-for-Life, after interviewing her for two and a half hours on parental consent laws, and then not giving her one moment on their television production. This is an opportunity to give an accurate definition of "sexism" -- Sexism is when you do not treat a woman like a lady when she is pretending to be a man. Think about it. Or perhaps sexism is when men treat feminists like feminists had been treating men for years. No group has ever imposed values like feminists.

14. The psychopaths at Time Warner Records promote cop killing to music. I have not had a Time Magazine in my office or home for three years. If the Time and Life Building were on fire, I would not report it. This is just a recitation of Time Warner music lyrics turned back again to them.

15. Robert Maxwell, the billionaire editor and publisher magnate, is the best role model for the news press ever -- a big time liar, a corporate cheat, a psychopath who killed himself -- he is an ideal and accurate representative for all the press.

16. Only psychopaths would fail to publicize over and over what atheism and materialism did to countries under Communism. The failure of Socialism is so clear -- but the press just won't tell the truth. For facts about Communism and Socialism, you have to read Robert Conquest's books The Great Terror and Harvest of Sorrow. The television documentary of Harvest of Sorrow was censored by the psychopaths of the U.S. press. To tell the truth, the fundamental basic evilness of communism and Socialism is the very same as that fundamental basic evilness of the U.S. news press. Instead of protecting Communism and Socialism, the press now protects abortion. You see, the press needs evil! It has something to do with attracting readers or viewers by sensationalist approving or apologizing for something evil, like Communism, Socialism, abortion, or any sex-crazed Democrat like JFK, Gary Hart or Bill Clinton. In these regards, the news press offers one veiled Socialist scheme after another sanctimoniously demanding that the government make everything right, something no government has ever done and not even comes close to, without good traditionally-valued people doing most of it themselves...and all the while, the news press and media do everything in their power to undermine the traditional values of the people essential for success. Amazing! Totalitarianism and socialism are so unpleasant! Just ask any journalist who has to write what his editor and publishers demand. And then we have to read all that stuff.

17. In ecology promotions, the news press created a horrendous waste of time, effort, and money by having us chase nonsense, such as acid rain, DDT, ozone layers, global warming, asbestos, and a bunch of other sky-is-falling crap. That's the real waste -- to chase non-problems! Amazing. The real pollution is television emanations creating heat and news print concentrations greater than 3 parts per billion, i.e., three New York Time pages in an average size house. Both television emanations and news print are what really create global warming -- actually global crapping...truly the worst pollution in the world. Another decade or two of our free press and nothing will survive on the planet. The press publicizes the plight of three whales trapped in ice, a natural phenomenon, and ignore the deaths of children burned in a fire nearby because the firemen were out helping the whales. Furthermore, it takes a real act of faith to believe all the environmental nonsense that is going around. Pseudoscience is what it is and real science is on its head. In fact, while I am at it, if evolution were subjected to the same critical approach as DDT, we would not have evolution either.

18. The New York Times has yet to report fairly the Soviet famine of the 1920's in order to protect the reputation of Walter Duranty, their reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize for denying the famine was happening. Get this: The New York Times' reporter was a psychopath and the New York Times' failure to report him is psychopathic too. They have a reporter named Linda Greenhouse who once marched on behalf of an abortion rally. She must be Duranty's daughter. Duranty -- he hides a famine killing millions. Greenhouse -- she hides abortion doing the same. They have to be father and daughter! Psychopaths.

19. The news press promotes any non-family anti-family wacko lifestyle that comes down the pike and ignores or belittles traditional family life and even refuses to report the obvious fact that without a functional traditional family, nothing works very well -- which is the one persistent sensational fact the news press should repeat perpetually. No government program can replace functioning traditional families. The liberal quack remedy programs of Democrats just haven't done it and will never do it. The Democratic party has become the triple-A party, that is AAA: Abortion, Alienation, and Alternative lifestyles -- which IS the "family" according to the press, media and Democrats. And one wonders why us Catholics have left the Democratic party -- because "Catholic Democrat" is an oxymoron any longer. We are known as "right wing kooks" and, of course, those who call us that defend and fund every sexual uncultural perversion that one can think of from pedophilia to behaving like hyenas. All we really are are traditional family people (a head of a household living with one or more related individuals, in a process of mutual growth, reciprocal commitment, shared responsibility, persistent desirability, and self-sacrificing performance on behalf of themselves, family, neighborhood, and community in the priorities of Life first, Liberty next, and then the Peaceful Pursuit of Happiness, all working to bring out the best in everyone)....nothing works without us. None of the liberal give-away programs will be able to provide what the traditional family provides, no matter how much money is allocated, because you cannot get the results of good traditional family living without good traditional families. Nothing works without us! When will the news press ever understand that? I guess they will finally understand it when they learn that the benefits (which everyone wants) derivable only from Western Civilization will never be forthcoming except by living the standards of Western Civilization.

20. And whenever it pleases them, the news press promotes the law -- something they didn't do when abortion laws were on the books. And the press supports the Judiciary's demands for respect and dignity in the court room. On what grounds can the vile language of the so-called arts, television, movies, and free speech be excluded from the courts? Having unleashed obscene, disgusting crudities into our homes and daily lives, the courts do not want such in their domain. I have had this dream where I am in the middle of the Supreme Court standing on the bench at which are seated the members of the 1973 Supreme Court. With both hands raised, middle fingers up, I am dancing up and down yelling, covered with chocolate, "Open your mouths, you MFing, CSing, son- of-a-bitching judges so I can piss in them while I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me shit." In my dream, I am buck neekeed too except for boots. I told a couple of attorneys about this dream and they laughingly stated: "Contempt of court!" I responded: "Well, I have nothing but contempt for the courts!" But this is art. It is free speech. And it just brings back into the courtroom what these judicial bastards have unleashed. The Judiciary does not deserve any better than what we are getting and what they have given us by the First Amendment which is contempt of society, contempt of mankind, contempt of the Universe, and contempt of God. They deserve contempt right back. Like the courts, the news press does not want all the liberal trash they have unleashed be directed back at them. And, thus, it is appropriate to call them hypocritical bastards as well.

21. The obvious primary function of today's free press and news services is to make excuses for denying lives to the human individuals going through a stage that everyone of us went through. The major theme of "I am not for abortion but I am for choice" demands that one question be asked: "Well, why are you not for abortion?" This should be asked over and over until you realize that you can't really be for choice either, not when the choice is abortion.

You were a fetus once too.

Do unto others as

you would have done unto you.

Some things should not be a choice at all.

The press and media defend abortion, and defending abortion means that you are a liar and a dunce filled with energy because one must have a lot of energy to defend the inhuman -- it is like defending slavery or nakedness or pornography or child molesting or paganism or cannibalism or uncultured civility or just evil (I think I just described the press and media). Defending abortion is not only to defend the undeniable depravity of man and prove Original Sin, but to be part of that very evil. Indeed, under the pretense of correcting the world, the news press cannot even correct itself. And the news press, to defend abortion, gets free reign to promote the only hate crime not allowed to be called a hate crime -- the mistreatment of Right-to-Lifers. Right-to-Life is the only group bashed by the press, brutalized by police, misjudged and punished prejudicially by judges and still ignored by the press...and all this IS a hate crime.

22. A final example is the news press' tendency to recognize problems but not offer solutions which are appropriate to the cause of the problems. For example, on August 30, 1992, a New York Times' article reported that "payments to the retired loom ever larger" and this will not work well because "the baby boomers will break the bank... because there will be fewer workers to tax." We Right-to-Lifers have been pointing this out for almost two decades: that by aborting all these potential workers, Social Security and the general economic end-result will be detrimental. So the New York Times proposes a corrective measure to "cut off the wealthy or cut back everyone." No. No. No. Let those responsible for this mess be cut off: abortionists and anyone whoever supported abortion should be prohibited from receiving Social Security and other retirement benefits...and this includes the news services and press-media people who have contributed greatly to this mess.

Enough already! I have given here the news press a bunch of open, free ideas freely expressed and I'll bet the double-dealing, fork-tongued psychopathic bastards of the press will not report any of these criticisms any more than they have reported my free writings which I have given them by the dozens over the past ten years -- they have their own agenda and it is not a free, open expression of ideas -- not my ideas nor Right-to-Life ideas. Mouthing diversity and openness to ideas, they will not report what I have had to say or written. Some openness to ideas! I guess I should put in a rap song:

We are the world,
Hey, baby, let's not stop
We not gonna kill a cop
We gonna do a new big twist
We gonna kill a journalist.
(Snort, grunt, uh, uh).
Hey baby, let's not stop
We not gonna kill a cop
We gonna take a two by four
To beat to death an editor.
(Belch, burp, uh, uh).
Hey, baby, let's not stop
We not gonna kill a cop
We gonna laugh like a clown
We gonna burn a newspaper down.
(This is music? Uh, uh)
We are the world.

Let me end how I began: Ten score and 16 years ago, our forefathers gave us the First
Amendment by which the public could obtain truth by freely speaking, by freely assembling, by freely hearing the word of God and by a free press. Originally, all were equal, but the first three (speech, assembly, and religion) have been overwhelmed by the free press which has become a Frankenstein monster self-indulgently preventing the news. Unable to make news themselves, the news people present the news to make themselves or their ideas important. Their only consistent standard is arbitrariness.

The kindest way to put it is the following and this is the biggest news scoop of the year! Those in charge of the news press are a bunch of goddam psychopathic bastards who have stolen the First Amendment from the people and can't get anything right.

The news press has stolen not only the First Amendment and our political process but it has stolen the military from us as traitor I.F. Stone converted CBS and other news services into a sabotaging of what we could have done in Vietnam, i.e., win the war if allowed to do so. The news press has also stolen history -- Oliver Stone's movie JFK and the Washington Post's refusal to give the real story behind Watergate as documented in the book Silent Coup. Not only has everything been stolen by the press but it is now under the direction of the press. The press and media have stolen the First Amendment, our history, our political process, the electoral college, our entertainment, our culture, our military, and they kidnap the minds of our children. Enough.

The free press, contrary to what its promoters claim, will never be truly open and free until it promulgates with dignity and transcendental accuracy the awesome presence of God in the world and of Jesus' saving grace, believed by at least 100 million of us in the United States who go to Mass or Church every Sunday! So forget the press. They aren't worth crap. They have betrayed the country, the people in it, and all humanity. The news press is an incompetent pathologist doing an autopsy on a not yet dead patient... and of course gets confused and upset with any sign of life...which prompts more and more vigorous autopsying...well, you journalists can autopsy all you want....the Body of Christ is still kicking...the Body of Christ will not die.

The psychopaths of the news press have stolen the First Amendment from the people and the press has killed itself. Simply put: About a sensitive controversial issue, the free press should have adhered to its principles without exception. Instead, about abortion and Right-to-Life, just like about Communism and Socialism before, the news press has turned psychopathic. I have available for you two items: "Why Burn a Flag When You Can a Newspaper?" and "The Free Press -- an ISM?"

The news services haven't changed for a long time. They promoted the killing of Indians in 1741. They promoted slaves in 1841. They allowed the killing of Jews in 1941. And they kill babies now. They are psychopaths perpetually boasting about how good they are and the answer, of course, is capital punishment. You don't hear that from a Right-to-Lifer very often -- but the answer is capital punishment. That is, any newsman who knowingly omits the truth or promotes an untruth should be hanged, shot, embalmed, cremated, and then buried -- like Winston Churchill said in a comparable description: "Take no chances."

You see, the press has its own dictatorial dogma: that criticism of Jews is anti-Semitism, of Negroes is racism, of women is sexism, and of the press is tyranny, no matter how the objections or issues are articulated. Religious dogma had and has always had Western Civilizing debates, but our so-called "free press" have turned out to be bigger butchers than religious dogmatists ever were by what is nothing less than a massive abuse of public trust by the news press. Talk about "imposing values"...

We want our political leaders to run this country free of the press psychopaths. The news press has indirectly overthrown the government. Heady in their power, the news press are tyrants and never more needed is the Second Amendment...and never more clear is the purpose of the Second Amendment.

We want the government running the country and not the press. The news press have a big disease: Ideosclerosis -- hardening of the ideas; remmalacia -- softening of the facts; and steatoscriptosis -- writing fat. It is a new Black Plague, not black but ink -- the Ink Plague -- the Press Plague -- causing a worldwide explosion of scatolexia -- learning and reading crap! Believe the news press and you may as well be dead.

Indeed, when the press promotes the idea that the Constitution of the United States should change and evolve with the times, never more true is the need for the Constitution to adapt to the changing times by making changes for the so-called "free press," which has become the biggest tyranny this country has ever had. The free press has combined the worst of Nazism and the worst of Communism, once upon a time polar opposites. This is amazing, but our free press has done that. Something needs to be done. The Justice Department ought to file Civil Rights' violations against the major news services because they are violating everyone's civil rights when the First Amendment is deformed inconsistent with truth and incompatible with what was expected by the framers of the Constitution. In many ways, the news press has abolished the government. We need a correction for the First Amendment and we need it now! For the third millennium, it is no longer possible for the news press to continue to do what it has been doing. The news press has given us the Hiroshima conclusion and a Fredericksburg disaster every week far surpassing the deaths of the Civil War and the nuclear blasts. The news press offers cures worse than the maladies. They promote better conditions -- better conditions for subhuman animals. They do it all with an absolutism that is a disgrace because it is impossible to be considered "good" and at the same time be a Right-to-Lifer in the United States or Catholic (real Catholic) is just now allowed. Some culture. Some freedom. Some degradation. The press and media prefer themselves to the fundamental Western Civilizing principles which have brought us this far.

Well, the only saving grace about all this, when you reach this level of understanding, is that you don't have to worry about the news. It is almost always untrue. It is almost always unbelievable. It is always superficial. It is just not going to be worth wasting much time on. Take a look at it, don't believe it, find out all you can about the subject and then come to your own conclusion. You will find it rarely coincides with what you heard on the evening news or what you read in the newspaper. That can help you relax because you can rely on the fact that most of it is garbage and not true.

Well, when all this is analyzed, the dereliction of duty, the fraud and hypocrisy, the absence of the principle, and the depth of sanctimonious subliminal preaching to which the press and media have fallen, is glaringly evident by the cushy, unbalanced protectiveness of and manipulated election of Bill Clinton. In fact, the press coverage would have been worse had many not complained. Truly, the press and media have overthrown the government and the public has yet to realize it. The public is helpless...and the only remedy for this misuse of the First Amendment is the Second Amendment -- not only guns but fire bombs.

Consider all this an outline of a rap song I am writing...that ought to help the press not only reproduce but defend my remarks.

The most important change necessary to bring in a peaceful third millennium will be the demise of the current press and media. Truly, no genuine progress or changes will be possible as long as the current press and media persist in their unprincipled, arbitrary and unreasoned performances.

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