The Day Abortion Died
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The Day Abortion Died

(Anticipation Will Not Wait)

February, 1997


At last, over is the reign of terror . . .
Doctor Jean Paul Marat Guttmacher is dead
At Planned Parenthood where
Venomous, diseased, deformed doctors fled.

Putrefaction in necrophilic clinics has ended
As has Rousseau's masochistic child eliminating orphanages,
And no more safe conduct passes pretended
In a society constructed with naked corpses.

At last, ended is the avenge
By piles of beheaded Gentiles
With more killed in the Jewish Revenge
Than Jews injured in thousands of quartiles.

The Gentile holocaust -- 100 million dead –
Abortion -- that gigantic broom swung about
By ACLU lawyers with not law but instead
Jewish theology of non-Orthodox shout . . .

That no person has worth
Until the rabbis concur/concoct
That on the first day after birth
All the killing must stop.

Just like ovens, incinerators,
Slave labor and death camp melange,
Dehumanizing abortion tortures
No longer serve as sweet revenge.

Bodies and blood flowed to cascades
With all laws against lost . . .
One hundred million in five decades
Was the completed Gentile holocaust.

Ersatz Catholics for Abortion Choice
No longer mock Father, Son and Holy Spirit
But with anti-natural sang froid sex hoist
The Body and Blood of Christ without merit.

At last the hollow fraudulent Christianity
Of Abortion Choice is mummified . . .
As the real Incarnate majesty
Again energizes all by Christ crucified.

And ended is pro-abortion Protestantism surpassing
The Nazis in the vicious fructification
Of the latest rewrite of Martin Luther's rewrite slashing
Roman Catholics' earlier Bible productions.

Well, the reign of terror is over . . .
But abortionists would have pounced
On Moses in the bulrush clover
For an experiment to be announced . . .

On the isolated perfused infant head (of Moses)
In the bullrushes floating unwanted and untimely.
Yes, abortionists would have killed Moses . . .
After measuring his chemophysiology.

No more Los Angeles West Hartford police inquisitors
Protecting the Death that ends all Death
And no more opium of politician whores
Because abortion has taken its last breath.

Thus, the President of Immorality
And other benevolent politicians beaming
Have lost their System of Immanity
And stench of liberal Nazi scheming.

No more discrediting of Right to Life by lies
Or a conspiracy against Martin Luther King by the FBI kleagel.
No longer blinded by willfully closed eyes
Proving only the educated could be so evil.

Press and media perpetually dismissed
Hate-filled in hate-the-Church charades
As perpetually discredited journalists
No longer march in pro-abortion parades . . .

And then about abortion writing
Fairly? With balance? Full-headed?
Who do they think they were fooling?
Themselves!: the perpetually discredited.

If abortion bigots wear the anti-Catholic hat
And perpetuate against-humanity-crimes . . .
Then the biggest doer of all that
Was the scheming New York Times.

But the press and media (t)error Nazis
Desist as "only if it fits" Sulzbergers
Perpetrate crimes against humanity
With the Jean Paul Marat Guttmachers . . .

Aborted in their bathtubs, and
Planned Parenthood, the Razor Internation,
Stopped the guillotine of thousands of thousand
And is as silent as the feminist revolution –

Proving as never before
That "revolutions their children devour"
And "Oh, liberty, crimes in thy name were never more" . . .
Proclaiming at last, the reign of terror is over . . .

For the time being . . . being . . . being


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