The Life Of The Mother
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Except To Save The Life Of The Mothe

April 25, 1996

The phrase can only be understood by a transcendental analysis:

The matter of the phrase is a medical myth proven by the ability to keep both mother and baby alive should the doctor be executed if either of them dies . . . Under such a condition, I have no doubt that the doctor would be able to manage through without the loss of either mother's or baby's life. So the matter of the phrase is essentially a tendentious one with a hidden agenda contrived to provide the rationale for an abortion.

The essence of the phrase is an illogical self-contradiction that one is not a "mother" unless one gives birth. With the legal precision expected from highfalutin attorneys, one would expect phrases of meaningful content rather than of nominal emptiness.

The truth of the phrase is that "mother" has meaning only in giving love and life -- and one is never going to save the life the "mother" because the motherhood is going to be killed within her.

The oneness of the phrase lay in its confluence with the desirables of "life" and "mother" -- and in these regards, the phrase insults motherhood, womanhood and mankind because the desirables are done away with.

The good of the phrase implies that there is a proper choice consistent with the dignity of human persons. And the proper choice lay in choosing the definition of "person" most real, appropriate and valid. To this extent, I would offer the following definition: A PERSON IS ANY UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL RATIONAL CREATED BEING WITH THE POTENTIAL AND WILLINGNESS TO DEFINE, PROTECT AND PROMOTE ITS ORIGINS AND BEINGNESS AS FOUND IN NATURE. And it should be obvious that such a definition removes personhood from those who would do or accept abortions. The phrase provides an improper choice so good is lost.

The beauty of the phrase is non-existent because it reduces the "mother" and "child" to a lower status rather than elevating them to levels of positive development.

Thus "except to save the life of the mother" fails transcendental analysis. Its matter is spurious. Its essence is a contradiction. Its truth is undefinable. Its oneness is not. Its good is negated by promoting choice for non-personness. And its beauty is nonexistent.

". . . except to save the life of the mother" . . . WHAT MOTHER?


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