Violence at Abortion Clinics
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Death And The Abortion Controversy

August, 1994

The death of two abortionists and an abortion bodyguard requires legal attention. Violence in all its forms must be condemned by extremists of both Right To Life and Pro Choice persuasion.

Thus, any laws written to protect, prosecute and punish individuals involved in violence related to the abortion controversy must be neutral and appropriate to all abortion adversaries, whether Right To Life or Pro Choice.

Thus far, laws appear to be written only for Pro Choice advocates. However, violent interference with either side is to be condemned and legal remedies should be equally available, prompt, mandatory and punishing.

Not only are the laws written only for Pro Choicers, the news coverage has been for Pro Choicers also. In a way, the law and news organizations ignoring violence against Right To Lifers is itself a violence.

Few are aware of the police brutality and violence against peaceful Right To Life demonstrators in West Hartford, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and other places. Video tapes comparable to that of Rodney King's beating are available -- but most only were able to see that of Rodney King. Fire bombings of the homes of Right To Life leaders are hardly ever mentioned. Overt gang-like hostile spitting, taunting, striking out and threatening of Right To Life advocates have been ignored basically even though such has occurred in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, New York and Kansas to mention only a few places. An abortionist in Mississippi has been charged with a felony for pulling a gun and waving it at Pro Life women and children who were demonstrating peacefully against abortion. One month before the Florida abortionist, David Gunn, was shot, the Gainesville, Florida Right To Life office had been torched -- an event never covered in Florida papers. Frankly, when both the press and the law is written ignoring violence against one group, that group has little recourse.

Indeed, it seems more and more that in order to get justice in the United States, one must have had a ruling from the press and news media. It appears that only by intimidating the press can one get justice. Precedent is available in how Blacks are treated by the press. The press is positively terrified to report anything really negative as a Black phenomenon. The press' coverage of Black violence is fawning obsequiousness and a form of not only reverse discrimination but reverse slavery, i.e. the press is a slave for Black leaders in such regard. Something comparable might also be said about violence by homosexuals. The same is obvious about violence perpetrated by Pro Choice advocates.

It would appear that Right To Lifers do not have equal protection by the law, and also do not have equal coverage by the press when violent acts are perpetrated against them. Obviously, any laws against violence concerning the abortion controversy should be available to all protagonists. So should the news coverage. If only Roman Catholics and Right To Lifers were as violent as homosexuals or Blacks, one wouldn't have to worry about any coverage because there wouldn't be any newspapers or news organizations operating.


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