It Takes A Village To Kill A Child
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It Takes A Village To Kill A Child

A Poem For Medical Students And Physicians

February, 1997

Abortion Nazis fill the neighborhood
Trying all the rest to fool
By killing single personhood
And throwing away the Golden Rule.

Hey medical male or female man
What kind of doctor are you?
A Nazi life-unworthy-of-life man
And a passionate performer of your view

That "safe, legal and rare" obsession
Which even a spooky fanatic can't erase
His own "abortionist" title comparison
As "a demeaning degrading term conveying evil and disgrace"?

And almost as evil and disgraceful as
"Journalist" -- a degraded sycophant sequel
To the Abortionist Fan Club sass
Which women really need to be equal . . .

As they whimper and whine while young
For the Rodent Principle Equal Misery Amendment,
So they like "rats, when crowded, eat their young"
And slaughter their own only innocent.

As those with socialism notions
Are so rightly called socialists,
All who believe in abortions
Are so rightly called abortionists.

With your M.D., D.O. and alphabet list
In Planned Parenthood as proclaimer
Arrogantly so says the abortionist
"I am also a sex educator. . . ."

Which is like having Judaism taught to kids by Nazis
Or sex ed by the National Ed Ass'n kleagle
Or Hippocrates by euthan-abortion crazies
With all coping by sex kill made legal.

Cold-blooded cannibalizing humanity slaughter
For rape incest deformity untimeliness unwantedness political correction
Is to get rid of not-fitting-into-my-plans son daughter
And pleased to christen the baby by brute destruction.

Annihilation and annulment of evolution
Makes a killing by withdrawing from
All honor, esteem, respect, obligation
Matter, identity, truth, good, beauty and one.

Science devours its children to favor
Planned Parenthood: the Guillotine of world fame
And international throat-cutting Razor . . .
"Oh liberty, what crimes are committed in thy name!"
Hey Mr. or Ms. abortionist -- had any dreams recently?

Dreams of engulfing a babe in arms tender
An unblossomed rose imminent
A fire light star crown new life image forever
Pure harmony of a dew jewel eyed infant

With chin cheeks nose ears eyebrows hair bobs
And skin never more soft smooth moist clean
Marveling at the backbone knobs
Soon all life standing up to glean

With such small fingertoenails
You feel a funny interior conflagration
Pressing to press, kiss, coo, hum and gently entails
The delicate tiny and fair incarnation

Without a hint of evil or wrong or worry.
But with a cold shiver all turns
Not the Midas touch to gold flurry
But at the Abortionist Touch a cherub turns . . . .

Suddenly you hold not a baby comfit
But a clear plastic bag of throw up
And pungent thick soup vomit
With every baby you pick up.

Dreams of thousands of fetuses crawling
Silently as army ant embryos twist
Press smothering suffocating shocking
Screaming "you you you abortionist!"

Dreams of myriad big-headed conceptions
Gnawing flap-jaw killerbee eyes bulgest
Covering completely stinging needle lacerations
Screaming "you you you abortionist!"

Dreams of a fetus giant
Vomiting forceps, currets, skewers, dilators, scissors contrist
Impaling you strapped upside down in stirrups compliant
Screaming "you you you abortionist!"

Dreams of maggot termite fetuses devouring
One's brains and insides proportionist
With all the munching chomping sounding
Screaming "you you you abortionist!"

Dreams of swimming in an incarnadine punch
Of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry syrup list
As big-eyed frantic red roses swim away in a bunch
Screaming "you you you abortionist!"

Dreams of slurping borscht but transformed
Into a human abortion machine sucking blood hissed
From between her legs as the suction noise performed
Screaming "you you you abortionist!"

Dreams of a dinner black tie
As the waitress daintily askest
"Would you like some blood with your coffee?"
Whispering "you you you abortionist!"

Dreams of countless headless breach-delivered babies whirling
In death throes agonized defecated pissed
Pepper spray crud choking blindly lasorizing
Screaming "you you you abortionist!"

Dreams of bayonette practice in the Army
And human dummies savagely unmissed
Raggedly moan forlornly
Screaming "you you you abortionist!"

Looking in the mirror dreaming
Seeing a holograph of one's own face madest
Of mosaic clones of embryoconceptifetuses screaming
"You you you abortionist!"
Pleasant dreams you abortionist.
Hey Mr. or Ms. Abortionist -- How do you keep your food down?
Meals for when the appetite sings:
For vegetable soup of sinews eating
Embryo femora humera chicken wings
And tacos of kidneys and fetal hearts beating

With preborn skull cap fragment pasta
And meatloaf macerated unborn liver pt
With rice tomato beet peas unborn child salada
So all food reminds of what you did today.

Know-it-all big stomachhead so smart could
Cook evolution by arrogant cabal
Of all Evil ever calling it good

Using baked science in the Scientific Inquisition
Asking "Are you human?" and hearing no avenge
Kills brothers and sisters as a delectation
All to feed himself and get revenge.

Have a good meal you abortionist.

Hey abortionists, it takes a village to do what?
Yours is a non-solution
By fake problem "solving"
By fraud social faults "correcting"

By imposed "no other choice" "offering"
By absurd decapitation without capital punishment "accepting"
By scientific human destruction without nuclear bombs "progressing"
By what troubles you total annihilation "killcaring."

Headaches heartaches and hearts eliminating
The retarded and the bastarded, the anomalies and anomies
By a seance with Eleanor Roosevelt, Else Koch,
The AMA (Abortion Medical Association)

The Abortion, ne Democratic, Party
The Abortion Society of Newspaper Editors
The Abortion Civil Liberties Union
And the psychopath and the whore of the White House. . . .

Disloyal stewards of matter
Hateful deformers of identity
Arrogant conquistadors of truth
Perfidious fragmentors of oneness

Scheming disruptors of good
Disgusting vandalizers of beauty
Anti-human anti-nature anti-evolution anti-planet anti-live-and-let-live
Guiltless destroyer of civilization barbarian . . . .

Abortionists know it takes a village to kill a child . . .
In the United States of Abortion.

Abortion Nazis fill the neighborhood
Trying the rest to fool
By killing single personhood
And throwing away the Golden Rule.

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