Walt Whitman Visits With Rolf Hochhuth
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Walt Whitman Visits With Rolf Hochhuth

July, 1997

Sieg Heil, Rolf, you Nazi youth member made good
Son, Sieg Heil, of decorated Nazi military officer!
Sleep in the cradle, brush away the flies,
Learned in Hitler's youth corp to
Hate the Church, hate Jews, hate Catholics, hate Montini,
Montini -- that criminal (Catholicism and Judaism were against the law),
That Deputy who rescued over 800,000 Jews.
Deputy, hell . . . "scapegoat" is more like it -- very Jewish!

Learned too well Catholic hating
Guilty too much Jewish hating
Resolve, penance for what he did to the Jews . . .
But keeping the concentration camps (now run by Jews)
For Catholics still (ain't that a pip!).
Last laugh tricking Jews into biting the hand that saved them . . .
Rolf Rolf Nazi Nazi Hochhuth Hochhuth Hitler inverted . . .
Defaming Pope Pius XII (as always) no longer Montini
And tricking Jews into discrediting themselves
To the degree of suicidal perfidy . . .
(Is this what was meant by the old phrase "perfidious Jews"?)

Perfidy of The New York Times,
Perfidy of The Washington Post,
Perfidy of The Holocaust Museum,
Perfidy of Simon Wiesenthal Center,
Perfidy of The Jewish Defense League,
Perfidy of The American Civil Liberties Union,
Perfidy of The National Abortion Rights Action League,
Perfidy of Planned Parenthood,
Perfidy of The National Education Association,
Perfidy of every abortion (the Jewish Revenge?) group ever,
Perfidy of public relations after public relations.
By their anti-Catholic antigoyism you will know them . . .

Yeah, Hochhuth is a Nazi but he is our Nazi! . . .
Sieg Heil . . . we will do Hitler's bidding ourselves . . .
Rolf Hochhuth -- contrite Nazi -- oh well --

How can anyone hate Jews now?!
We are better Nazis than ever . . .
Rolf Hochhuth:
Nazi youth success story
rejuvenated Nazism,
destroyed Catholics,
and tricked Jews into destroying Catholics and killing themselves at the same time
Hitler couldn't have done it better.

Heil Hochhuth!

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