The Pro-Choice Label
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September 1992

 Reporters who persist in labeling abortion acceptors as "pro-choice" usually insist on labeling pro-lifers as "anti-abortion".

 This phenomena is probably imposed on the reporters by liberal editors who, as usual, are not thinking clearly or to any depth.

 First, the "pro-choice" label is clearly a propaganda ruse to dress up abortion into something acceptable. But the label cannot be sustained. "Pro-choice" is totally fraudulent when unborn human lives are not allowed any chance to choose at all. Indeed, a "pro-choice abortionist" is an oxymoron.

 Second, "pro-choice" as a label is a means of saying "I am not really for abortion...I am for choice" but this totally begs the question: Why are you not for abortion? What is the problem? Why does one need to deny being for abortion? What one actually says here is: "I am too squeamish to be for abortion because I know what it I take the cowardly sleaze way out by saying 'I am for choice'" -- and a half-baked choice at that when this choice denies millions of their lives to choose. Well, all this is the contemporary equivalent of the Nazi SS: "I was merely following orders."

 Meanwhile, the "anti-abortion" label is a transparent attempt to focus on the negative contained in the prefix "anti" believing that the "pro" prefix of "pro-life" is too positive a label to default to Right-to-Lifers (who actually are so pro-choice that they want those unborn babies to be able to choose too).

 To be accurate, "the pro-choicers" should not be called anything but "pro-abortionists..." -- a label that they themselves cannot stomach (Why??). Also to be accurate, "the anti-abortionists" should be called "pro-life" and "pro-choice-full-choice!"

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