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National Abortion Rights Action League Leader Becomes Pro-Life

November, 1991

 Dr. Bernard Nathanson is a Right-to-Lifer for ten years. Prior to that, he was co-founder in 1969 of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL) subsequently renamed the National Abortion Rights Action League. When he was a pro-abortionist, Dr. Nathanson was the director of the largest abortion mill in the Western world.

 Some of Dr. Nathanson's comments at a talk given in Ireland in 1987 deserve elaboration. They appear to have been censored by what serves as the free press in the United States.

 Dr. Nathanson described how this pro-abortion cabal was able to foist Roe v. Wade on the United States in less than four years:

 (1) NARAL fabricated their own polls. Dr. Nathanson was there. He did it.

 (2) NARAL fabricated and exaggerated the figures on the numbers of illegal abortions. Dr. Nathanson says they knew the actual figure was about 100,000 per year but NARAL claimed 1,000,000.

 (3) NARAL fabricated the figures on the number of deaths due to illegal abortions per year knowing the number was close to 300; Dr. Nathanson and NARAL claimed 10,000 deaths per year due to illegal abortions -- a patent admitted lie.

 (4) With the maliciousness of the Ku Klux Klan and the duplicity of the Irgun, NARAL played the "anti-Catholic card" (Dr. Nathanson's own words). Catholic leadership was attacked and the Church's pro-Vietnam war stance was coupled with anti-abortion identity. NARAL was thus able to subvert the anti-war movement into a pro-abortion movement. Dr. Nathanson used the words "vitriol" and "venom" to now describe what he and NARAL were guilty of concerning Catholics.

 (5) Dr. Nathanson described how NARAL coopted a sympathetic press and media into a collusion so journalistically irresponsible that First Amendment rights are totally undeserved.

 While Dr. Nathanson's confession of all this is quite analogous to Richard Nixon admitting that he planned Watergate himself or to Ronald Reagan's admitting that he planned Iran-Contra himself or to Arthur Sulzberger's admitting that he schemes to print lies in the New York Times, Dr. Nathanson's confession has received no "exposť" status that it so richly deserves.

Just another reason why we should burn newspapers instead of flags.


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