The Ultimate Disrespect
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The Ultimate Disrespect: The Verbicide of "Negro"

June 11, 1996

About racism, an obvious problem today is the continued malignant, unrecognized continuation of the slavery mentality. This slavery mentality is exactly the same as in olden days but only in a different direction. That is, some people use "black" today just like others used "white" a hundred years ago. Racist slavers of old used a color, waved it around and bandied it about, assaulting people who were the "wrong" color and only promoting their own color.

Farrakan, et al. and Grand Dragons speeches and writings are identical except for one word of color! But using black is no better than using white . . . or any other color. It is just as selfish, oppressive, undignified, enslaving, ignorant and mean. To promote one's color is to be an idiotic slaver of man . . . a malignant pretender, a liar to oneself and all the world. The ultimate imposter is to pretend that one is one's color. It never works except for a short-term self-aggrandizement but it will never work for long, turning counterproductive in due time. Everyone knows that . . . but no one knows what to do or is too cowardly to speak up. Color . . . what a mess . . . unwittingly self-committed to a slaver's mentality. The ultimate proof of racist slavery is "my color right or wrong!" . . . and there is not a KKK member, black muslim leader, or a "black"-first/"white"-first talker who does not feel that way . . . slavers without knowing it.

In addition, the "How dare you! . . . you are white!" response is not only proof of the slavery mentality, but it is also the exact attitude of every racist slaver who ever existed. Just like color promotion, the "you are the wrong color to speak out" is an absolute imitating of what went on before . . . except before it was "white" and now it is "black"! Indeed, it has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it is also perhaps the most efficient form of revenge, because it truly is "history repeating itself." Nevertheless, it was wrong then and it is wrong now. The slavery mentality which is always color-based, is always wrong.

But the ultimate disrespect to those wronged in the past by racist slavery is not in the imitation of this slavery mentality ("my color right or wrong") idiocy. No. The ultimate disrespect is in the denigration of the word "Negro." Even the slavers of old did not achieve such massive disrespect today.

Recently, the New York Times featured an article on the fiftieth anniversary of the race riots in Tulsa, Oklahoma, wherein an affluent Negro area called "the Negro Wall Street of America" was burned because a Negro youth allegedly beat up a Caucasian youth. So the memorialization is going to be using not "the Negro Wall Street of America" but "the Black Wall Street of America." I submit to you that this denial of their identity is absolutely the most disgusting and disrespectful event that one could do to those individuals, i.e. wipe their name from the face of the earth -- deny their existence -- throw them away forever.

Listen: these Negroes were the people who carried the brunt of the battle. These Negroes were the true victims and conducted themselves with sophistication, import and effectiveness which laid the groundwork for all the "black" parasites today. In fact, Negroes gave humanity the awareness of total mankind -- of total human beingness. They not only gave it to us, but they paid for it. Their sacrifice should never be forgotten -- nor should their name! Amidst all the brutality and atrocities which they underwent, never were they denied their name! Those Negroes deserve better -- and the word deserves better -- the word has its own history and its own identity -- in their memory it should not be so killed. Those individuals deserve better and they were never dedignified more than by what is being done to them today in the name of "black." Negroes have been exterminated by blacks . . . and such is the slavers' mentality.

Indeed, a case can be made that we would not be going through contemporary racial problems had "Negro" been respected rather than killed. The verbicide of the word "Negro" is the ultimate insult to those who came before, and its loss has contributed to the establishment of a color imitating the slavers of old.


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