Protect Youth


Protecting Youth

Published in The Plain Dealer

January 10, 1987

 In response to immaturity and irresponsibility, youths under 16 are prohibited from driving automobiles.

 In response to youth wrongdoing, a Juvenile Court is provided rather than grade-school courses on criminal defense.

 In response to drug abuse, a "say no to drugs" program is begun, which is better than a program providing sterile needles.

 In response to youths' inability to handle alcohol, the drinking age was recently increased from 18 to 19, which is better than an emesis basin program.

 In response to sexual activity, condoms and pills are thrown at youths by sex clinic programs -- promoted by The Plain Dealer and the Cleveland School Board, among others.

 This sex-clinic business belongs on the ballot. It will be part of all future school levies anyway, if those who oppose a school levy have any smarts.

 One could hardly expect anything but sex clinics from the sex parasites of planned parenthood, abortion and First Amendment extremists, the latter ultimately responsible for the deluge of sexually provocative materials creating this whole mess. To listen to these groups that profit from sex is absurd.


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