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Letter to The Freedom Forum

May, 1992

1101 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, WA 22209

(The Freedom Forum never responded to my letter -- they are a bunch of frauds too!)

I saw your ad in the New York Times. What a laugh. The press is a disgrace. I pass out this "work of art"* in an effort to try to help people understand what a despicable lot the free press has become.

For a recent example: In the months prior to the Los Angeles' police beating of Rodney King, news services totally ignored video tapes of the same Los Angeles police (and West Hartford police also, as well as other city police forces) committing mayhem on Right-to-Life protestors who were peaceful and not creating any harm. The censorship and suppression by the major media news services of police brutalities against Right-to-Lifers can be linked directly to the Los Angeles police feeling totally immune from criticism such that they would work over Rodney King. Had the news services given half as much exposure to the Los Angeles police injuring Right-to-Lifers as they did to Rodney King. the Rodney King incident most likely would not have occurred. Yes, I lay on the fault of the news services the entire aftermath of the Rodney King verdict and the Rodney King incident itself. The press did not do its job. The press wimped out. The press, being pro-abortion, ignored Nazi-like atrocity behavior for the sake of its own cause.

If the framers of the Constitution were alive today and were aware of the power which the press has obtained, they would have put into the Amendment a stipulation that any news service person who knowingly told a lie or omitted a truth of public interest, would be executed. Yeah -- I really mean that. When you people don't do your jobs, capital punishment is the only answer. We've got a burned-out city and scores dead because you waited for Rodney King to bring to the public's attention the brutality of the police when you could have done so months earlier by the viciousness of the very same police against Right-to-Lifers.

In fact, I challenge you to give the public the expose of the press that is deserved and appropriate. Show the video tapes of the Right-to-Lifers being abused and tell the dates. Point out that these were not shown on any national television show. Expose the press' censorship of this. Link it to the sense of immunity that the Los Angeles police must have felt to have gotten away with all that -- so that they could feel they could work over Rodney King and others with impunity. Truly, if the news services were not going to reveal police brutality against Right-to-Lifers in a way which is even worse than Rodney King, police would have no inhibitions about working anybody else over. It's still not too late to expose to the American public the absolute despicable dereliction of duty of the news services in this regard. Do your jobs! Do your jobs!

*"Work of Art" is Swimming in Urine with the New York Times and Washington Post "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose!" Journalism, Ethics and Public Service Award (founded by Samuel A. Nigro, M.D.)


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