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Catholic Twin Circle

February 2, 1992

In the medical tradition of diethylstilbestrol, Krebiozen, thalidomide and the Dalcon Shield (and the press blandly rolls over and plays dead in contrast to its coverage of Halcyon and Prozac), now comes RU 486 -- the "morning after pill" (Baloney: The "5 to 8 week after pill" is more accurate).

Here are a few real facts about RU 486:

It starves the developing baby by blocking progesterone, the natural hormone which promotes the nurturing environment of the uterus.

At least three appointments are necessary:

(1)for diagnosis and RU 486 administration;

(2)two days later for a prostaglandin shot;

(3)post-abortion ultrasound to confirm the abortion was complete.

Meredith Turchon, Ph.D. at an American Public Health meeting in 1990, lamented the "lack of privacy" because usually 4 (FOUR) visits to the abortionist's office were becoming routine. (In France, where this pill has been used most, the socialized medical system follows the patient so closely that the women are "gone after" if they do not keep their appointments.)

RU 486 must be taken 5-8 weeks of amenorrhea (no period) to approach a 1% abortion failure rate.

If taken after 8 weeks, up to 1/3 are abortion failures.

For failures, averaging 5-20%, a D&C is needed to surgically evacuate the aborted individual.

Dr. E. E. Baulieu, the developer of RU 486, says its use is just like having a heavy, longer menstrual period. However, with expulsion of the aborted individual, analgesia is usually required because of the pain, and hemorrhages average 80 milliliters lasting from a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks but at times up to 40 days. Indeed, significant hemorrhage occurs in 10%, and 1% will need a transfusion. Not properly cared for, some women will bleed to death (some period, Dr. Baulieu!).

The President of Roussel Uclaf (the company that makes RU 486) has called its abortion use: "An appalling psychological ordeal!"

The American Medical Association in late-1990 called RU 486 abortion use: "A severe risk to patients unless part of a complete treatment plan under supervision of a physician." The AMA also called its use for other disorders: "unsubstantiated conjecture."

Yet a bunch of U.S. mayors (puppets of NOW, the press, and a fraudulent scientists everywhere) are on record as wanting to use women as guinea pigs for RU 486 and indeed the State of New Hampshire will now be one big laboratory studying bleeding women. No doubt, these politicians imply safety by their active promotion of RU 486 and are willing (of course!) to accept liability for any problems which occur. (Now that is what I call "courage," especially when I hear happily whistling lawyers.)

Well, put all this together and you get the real name for RU 486: CHERNOBYL IN A PILL!


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