Walt Whitman Visits An Abortion Clinic
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Walt Whitman Visits An Abortion Clinic

March 20, 1997


Me unkilling, you unkilled but dead,
Me wonderfulness saving you, old politico.
Needing no long knives, condoms, online,
sanitary napkins, sucking suction machine,

Me aborting through nine months with bare ass
and not ashamed;

The Church cannot hide you from me;
Christian murky personhood morality cannot hide you from me.

I perceive that you breathe
(I breathe with you. I suffocate as you do).
I see you are bleeding blood flowing, gushing, dripping
(I do not mind your dripping),
You target victim of American journalism,
You abandoned by the feminist illiberalism
of these Fifty States;

I see in you also there are screams, movements,
huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

I salute your Supreme Court Nazis, endlessly
seeking ejaculation, sperm,

Erect, unflappable, interminable ever ever;
They assist at my abortions; but I ignore
their constitutional diarrhea;

I myself am a complete bowel movement not in nature.
Adios. Cunt. Dork. Medical Care.


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