A Liberal Potpourri - Hill-Bill-Y
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A Liberal Potpourri: Hillary And Bill:
Hill-Bill-Y -- The Abortion President(S)
And Their Liberal Ideas And Friends
(Born 1992 - Died 1994)


Elected by majority never,
Bill becomes the White House resident.
But first, foremost and forever
He is the Abortion President.

Elected in a voters' mess
And by news coverage distortion
Bill was elected by the press
So he could preserve abortion.

(Liberals say that anything goes
And our culture is to show 'em
Nasty lyrics obscene picture shows.
How will they like this poem?)

(Press & Media): The press and media did its stuff
Cheatingly for their own cause,
Because the press is run by puff
Smug arrogant one-faced frauds.

The press loves scientific murders.
The tiny bodies do not count
As if not our brothers and sisters
At a stage no one can go without.

The New York Times and Washington Post
Became Bill's royal attendant
By mocking journalism most
And betraying the First Amendment.

The Pulitzer shames the New York Times
And all the press media can give.
No doubt about it in press' hearts and minds,
Walter Duranty will always live.

Though the First Amendment has some class
Not all of it deserves credit.
The "free press"...my ass...
Free "lying" is more like it.

Outhouse feminists do big contortions
Inhouse for the liberal New York Times
As they write and parade for abortions
Committing self-righteous newspaper crimes.

The Washington Post killed itself proud
By power corrupting press sham rife
Ignoring D.C.'s ever-largest crowd:
The 1990 Rally for Life.

As a Ten Commandment fugitive
The free press gives no limit license
And nothing ever is punitive:
Society's empty-headed conscience.

Exposing those disliked vigorously
From Los Angeles to Haifia
They protect themselves sanctimoniously
And the press is worse than the mafia.

The news deserves no reveres.
It is malignant and bad
Led by the biggest liars
This country has ever had.

P.A.M., the press and media syndrome,
Is almost as bad as H.I.V..
One can almost hear the very same moans
Watching all the liberals on T.V.

First Amendment cheats, liars and frauds refine
The let-us-elect Hill-Bill-y capers
And deserve a very special headline:
"Brain dead employed by brainless newspapers."

Reporters and editors play favorites
Namby pamby about those they vote for
Disgracefully excusing without limits
And as credible as those they work for.

The Washington press corpse
A delicate operation
To be Bill's biggest whore
Or to be his castration.

Not only thinking hard
But better-than-thou
Editors feign the Bard
With morals of Plato's cow.

Not with waltzing or dancing but with beers
Journalistic criticism always falls
On reporters' delicate deaf small ears
Since none of them have any balls.

With homos in the army
And women in combat,
The press is Bill's lackey
And his boot licking claque.

The "free" press elected Clinton.
Bush they demoted to the dogs.
So journalists we may now mention
As liars, cheats, cowards and frauds.

The press were the ones who elected him,
So secretive, proud, smug with soft shout.
But how stunned were editors and newsmen
When the people, smarter, kicked his ass out.

Never in all historical palaver
Has a godless group of peripatea
Set itself as sanctimonious savior
Except the U.S. press and media.

The "free" press has new pets and new taboos:
And journalism functions as docent
For abortion, AIDS, blacks, homos and Jews.
And such "news" is nothing but impotent.

While accepting the gross indignantly
The press protects it incorruptible,
But whatever offends them patently
Is double standard unacceptable.

When the press doesn't like what is done
It feigns self-righteous sophistication.
So when offended, the press becomes
Better-than-thou self-sanctification.

They protect all vile
By Amendment First,
And with a fraud smile
Savage what they curse.

One chord, one beat, one plink, one holler, one tone
Or maybe two or three of each at most
One squeal, one scream, one plunk, one drone, one moan
What is now called music from coast to coast.

Instruments pound away and away
Shrieking loud, lewd and crude pounding sand
By those who are not qualified to play
In a high school choir, chorale or band.

Anything from grossness to romantic
Excepting is Right to Life as a stop.
So every First Amendment fanatic
Is a big idiotic nothing crock.

Elected by majority never,
Bill becomes the White House resident.
But first, foremost and forever
He is the Abortion President.

Elected in a voters' mess
And by news coverage distortion
Bill was elected by the press
So he could preserve abortion.

Campaign slogans were big and tall
And sometimes veracious lucid.
It's not the economy at all.
It's now stupidity, stupid.

(Washington): Under the spreading White House tree
No longer the village idiot,
Bill gives out law and order free
Just like Judas Iscariot.

Hill-Bill-y brags their cabinet
Will America be full blessed.
No group will they ever omit
Since no Roman Catholics are left.

Politicians the press intimidate
To be pro-choice or rot.
Because editors are the electorate,
And Right to Life is not.

With right numbers in House and Senate
All things will get done Bill assured
But that was just another comment
And example of Bill's empty word.

Even though outnumbered in the House
And outnumbered in the Senate vault,
Bill still could not get passed his grouse
Because Republicans were the fault.

The White House with idea springs
And self-righteous Jimmy Carter
No one can remember a thing
About the place called Whitewater.

Congressional ethics were never more solicitous
For Hill-Bill-y and the Whitewater stinger.
That 103rd Congress deserved full contemptuousness
And here is my tongue and both middle fingers!

Dante gives the cogent Divine Comedy:
Heaven, Purgatory and Hell as praxis.
Hill-Bill-y gives the Democrat Tragedy:
Illicit sex, lies, abortion and taxes.

Yee preefessional deedication
And savvy diplomatic boss-ter
Make this government's presentation
Like the outcome of Vincent Foster.

At debate Bill doeth shine
Clobbering opponents as with axe.
Instead of gold-, a word- mine
For which everything matters but facts.

In contrast to his real persona
Which is covered over by show-biz,
Hill-Bill-y is slick on camera
A clever, poignant, unflappable wiz!

Bill's got a mouth like a hog trough
And he says things all dopey.
Still he doesn't need a mouthwash.
He needs a mouthful of soapy.

It's musical chairs at the White House
As the best of the Arkansas class
Resigning run as fast as a mouse
From Mr. Glib Smooth Talking White Trash.

Bill can talk relentless.
Hillary can talk cutup.
Even when said speechless
They cannot shut it up.

If political alarum
Not far for advice does he seek.
He just looks across the bathroom
To his wife on the other seat.

Among Bill's friends all syrupy smarmy
In the White House resign exodus,
There is even a chicken farmy
Making up a clucking quietus.

Hubble jumps ship fleeing the shakey beams
And Lloyd Bentsen's leaving the cesspool sea.
Backwoods' Arkansas and backyard schemes
Don't work so well in Washington, D.C.

But Bill defends his sycophant crowd
With an increasingly familiar song:
"I swear up and down I swear up and down
They did nothing that was wrong that was wrong."

Cash fills administration sets
From tops of heads to tips of shoes.
The men cashiers, the women cashettes.
Together call them all cashews.

Big business needs a big entrepreneur
Who can easy climb with only a smirk
The mountainous regulations quagmire
From Democrats who put paper to work.

A disgraceful slick Brown guy named Ron
Promotes products made in slavery
And loving torture in Vietnam
Ron Brown's nosing is now bravery.

A tax and spend libido
Makes truth into manure piles
And the Democratic Party motto
Is now "abortion alienation alternative lifestyles!"

The GGG or G'mt G'mt G'mt honey
Has replaced the KKK poo
As Democrats send mucho money
To those who don't work from those who do.

Hill-Bill-y's gotta feed all those
Losers to keep them from seething
Which is why Democrats impose
A federal tax for breathing.

Creating and promoting victimhood
Hill-Bill-y strut and prance as rescuers.
Responsibility is not thought good
For minorities as inferiors.

The crime ordinance succeeded
And it really did Bill fine.
It was just what he needed
Because Congress is a crime.

Gun crimes are a violent glut.
The NRA is not helpbringer.
A penalty which is a must
Is to cut off the trigger finger.

The NRA has contentment.
It knows what to shotgun burst:
Like the small Second Amendment
After shooting the big First.

Jimmy Carter, the mealy-mouthed lusterer
For killing leaders and their wives nice words ring,
But he bad-mouths the good Margaret Thatcher
Proof Afghanistan didn't teach him a thing.

Hill-Bill-y has the nerves of an iceberg
Treating tyrants to panegyric songs.
Maybe Reagan floundered into Bitburg,
But Clinton praised the vicious Kim Il Sung.

Appointing flack judges by the handful
With simple requirements not at all stark.
The only quality that must be filled
Is homo, female, liberal or dark.

Wacky Ginsberg Supreme Court sequel
Whose huge brainy brain vapidity
Believes males and females are equal
And there is no law of gravity.

Contemptible Fed Judges also give
Satanism in prisons like fools
But then they refuse to live and let live
Prayerful students in public schools.

Judges are worst the very worst.
Justice and truth they do not know.
Judges ought to be accursed
For making up things as they go.

Nutty judges let satanism in prison,
Religion with hallucinogens,
And nudity as freedom of expression.
Yeah, try all that in the judges' dens.

Because of judges we listen and see
On stage, on screen, in schools and home parlors
All sorts of titillating shit turned free
Not allowed in any judges' chambers.

Which reminds me of how I'd demand
To be sworn in at Supreme Court land:
"Open your mouths
you MFing, CSing, SOBing bastards so I can piss in
them while I tell you the truth, the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth so help me shit."
If that be contempt,
Make the most of it.

Hoary Doc Elders gives exhortations
That all kids need "how to do all" sex books
Learning all ways of ejaculations
So schools will turn into daily Tailhooks.

Doc Elders likes sex anyway except slow.
But pregnancy always is forbidden.
She produces for all a menstrual show
And is sure herself a menstrual women.

Elder's eldest son takes drugs
But that's okay you bets.
He is not one of the thugs
Who smokes plain cigarettes.

Doc Elders against smoking tobacco
Is a selfish impudent feminine.
In the old days she would be the cuckoo
Who'd refuse peacepipe with the Indian.

Doc Elder's childhood was wacko crazy
Deprived, dysfunctional hysteria,
So she promotes it now as policy
On all of middle class America.

Doc Elders loves condoms
For her office and bed.
She ought pull a big one
Right over her small head.

From kindergarten through medical school
With grades of affirmative action whiz
Elders sits on the Queen of Sheba stool...
Pray tell how else did she get where she is?

Doc Elders got the heave-ho boot
Because the woman was a dope
Preoccupied without a hoot
She really was a proctoscope.

Janet Reno hates religion
And especially the conservative nasty
So she herds them into a conflagration
And in Waco becomes a Nazi.

"National Standards for U.S. History"
Is not history but wild wacko bunk.
People's real backgrounds are kept mystery
So dreamers can beat their chests with a thump.

The United States history rewrite
Puts magnificent heroes on the shelf
In an egregious education blight
As America genocides itself.

Those political correct, lying creeps
Mock, insult, defame, fabricate and tear
Valiant people and courageous greats
To whom no Smithsonian could compare.

As Hill-Bill-y contributed nothing
To give America its own greatness
They support parasitic bad-mouthing
And Smithsonians in gross mistakeness.

America's heritage did not come easy flowing.
Many millions made the ultimate and great sacrifice.
All the while anti-cultural traitors and press quislings
Express and know nothing but suicidal cowardice.

The NEA educate kooks
Propose as best panaceas
A federal resourceful group:
An EPA for ideas.

The EPA is pollution
In Al Gore's el wacko grouping.
Their time and money solution
Is to stop the sky from pooping.

The EPA goes after Alar and dioxin
When the worst pollutants are two-legged rats,
Like federal judges contemptible as poison
And Act Up homo hupersons in St. Pat's.

Hillary took the Hill by storm.
She marched up to 'em and told 'em
"I am me and you are the scorn
Us Arkansas women are t-t-t-trucks.

The Task Force on National Health Care Reform
Has Hillary Arkansas scheming set
With government-in-sunshine law suborn.
How stupid can a smart trucker gal get?

Managed care done by Hillary
Renders her more than just astute.
It turns doctors of insurance companies
Into whores, pimps or prostitutes.

As a health insurance paramour
Hillary puffs and sucks her portion
In cahoots as an insurance whore
As long as she can have abortions.

The midterm election went up in smoke
But the newspapers were all on Bill's side.
Though the press did not deliver the vote
Those liberals still claim to be the Guide.

The people voted to settle the score
With those unlikely to go to Heaven.
The Democrats lost big in '94.
Not enough journalists to vote for 'em.

There's the '94 realignment.
The press cannot figure it out.
The people made reassignment...
Watch those editors snit and pout.

"Shame, shame" the editors whine
As the people press strings snip.
Up to now "shame" was not fine
'Cept when the press used it.

Bill's going to rethink all
Except his principles of:
abortion, condoms, homosexuality, NEA brain-dirtying, welfare, feminism, anti-religion, anti-family, anti-Catholic, EPA scare tactic, gut the military, economic voodoo, coward-in-chief, and big government.
Because he heard the '94 call and is no dunce
Next time he will have editors vote more than once.

'Tis what you get courting the press
No virtue, no standards, just slime.
The people do not like the mess
Of Sigma Delta Chi porcine.

The press demands leaders be their puppets
And editors get the inflated head.
But good politicians are not robots
And will tell editors to go drop dead.

Look at how he keeps a straight face.
Look how he talks! Look at his smile!
He could anchor a T.V. place.
He was one of them all the while.

No wonder the press elected him.
No wonder the press cried when he lost.
Bill was always employed by CNN
The press and media were his boss.

Bill's tax gang confiscates assets with fun
By consent decree on the "rich."
So I say "keep your hands off my pension
You goose-stepping son of a bitch."

Hill-Bill-y looks at the budget deficit
With a numerical magical strain.
And try hard as he may to correct it
He is stopped by a deficit of brain.

The United Nation dope gropes
To be a real West Civ forum.
But until it does and copes
It will remain an oxymoron.

Grotesqueness comes from Washington, D.C.
The National Endowment of Arts proves that.
Money should stay in one's community.
Let the NEA starve or pass the hat.

Crude art is supposed to knock tradition
Of conservatives from every place.
Liberals are amazed with unChristian
Crude, harsh, slapping, bashing back "in your face!"

For Bill as Pres and as big daddy
Federalist states' rights are to fall.
And for Hillary as big mommy
She wants Washington to do it all.

Facts uncertain and virtue is not known
Indecent secrets and entanglement
They do not dare say what known and not known:
The press-media-run big government.

Checks and balances have taken a fall
As federal judges write anything with contentment,
Write judgements without any checks at all
And with ignoring the Tenth Amendment.

Checks and balances are a patent myth.
Anti-Church tyrants are not exorcised.
Church-state separation is monolith
Unchecked by religion free exercise.

Another culture of which Bill is fond
Is paganism as one of the packs
As all his workers wear liberal wands
Of painted, feathered, sequined phallocaps.

Bill and Hillary pretend all answers
As they sing a siren Lorelei's song.
Hill-Bill-y appear sweet but are cancer
Of "duh me too" and leadership is gone.

Willie has been called many names
Many of which are not hazy
But of the three most common ones
He's either slick, dick or crazy.

Bill "knows" what is going on
But he hasn't got a clue.
So he'll act out his feelings
Feeling it is reason too.

Elected by majority never,
Bill becomes the White House resident.
But first, foremost and forever
He is the Abortion President.

Elected in a voters' mess
And by news coverage distortion
Bill was elected by the press
So he could preserve abortion.

(Sports Illustrated features the basketball race
For ads a good prescription
But when on its cover was Bill Clinton's mug face
I cancelled my subscription.)

(Education): Bill, the Rhodes Scholar,
With smooth talking makes
Crowds fawn without holler.
Selling bags of snakes.

Hill-Bill-y could sell anything
From pogroms to hot air fartist
Yet he's not the world's best salesman,
Just the ultimate con artist.

Al Gore goes to Cairo messing
With Planned Parenthood killing probes
"Wasn't World War II a blessing?"
Mumbled all the anthropophobes.

By lies, scheming and dishonest flim flam
Cairo emphasizes people hazards.
Of course the press puppets sucked up the scam
From their population control masters.

In Cairo Clinton hates the Vatican
And Al Gore's rude diplomacy is worth
Nil mortality nil education
With all of the money used to stop birth.

To forced abortions by Kung Fu
Hill-Bill-y double speaks with grin.
But what is China going to do
With no more women, only men?

Anthropophobes need relief.
They are empty hollow shells
Not worthy of belief
Unless they kill themselves.

Planned Parenthood hype types deafly trill
Preventing people is solution
But doing that is a big dung hill
If you believe in evolution.

Humans belong on the planet and deserve respect
No matter what anyone says is solution.
To promote humanity is always correct
Automatically "life" says evolution.

Animals and life are transformed.
Science demands belief abase.
But since the "facts" are not confirmed:
Evolution's believed on faith.

It's twenty-one years since the '73 curse
And many 21-ers don't hear the call.
With every passing year it will get worse.
Roe v. Wade abortionists killed them all.

Government planning makes for big government satire.
It makes everything a political solution.
Social Security will become when you retire
A goddam unclaimed charitable contribution.

There is a logical solution
As the elders us fully engulf:
All those who supported abortion
Certainly ought to kill first theirself.

Sex ed imposes adulthood
Onto children in all the schools.
Do the same and make understood
Car ed, gun ed, smoke ed fools.

Alfred Kinsey, hero of the porn press,
Masturbated infants until seizing
While he called it avant research progress
It was nothing but criminal sleazing.

Kinsey abused mankind and still got fame.
The liberals panted and sucked it up.
The Kinsey Institute should change its name
To the Sex KKK and Sex Vomit.

Sex education will not ever please
If forgotten is the skewer
The way to get venereal disease
Is by messing with a sewer.

No-off-spring-sex is not in the animal kingdom
Thus it is pollution for humanity.
And if all other creatures were taught only orgasm
Current sex would be animal cruelty.

College campuses have many speakers
Confined to a liberal freedom spree
By sensitive word police correctors
Because conservative words are not free.

Sex ed, condoms and abortions
Hill-Bill-y offers with calm mews
Because for them all those are known
As the best of family values.

The NEA wants you and your child
For the Democrats' agenda
Of making equality build
The world into a pudenda.

The NEA and free press
Fill prisons with hood after hood.
Still streets are an unsafe mess
Because the people are no good.

"What's the matter with people?"
Asks a First Amendment buff.
"If they are so suggestible
Why in the world blame us?"

Elected by majority never,
Bill becomes the White House resident.
But first, foremost and forever
He is the Abortion President.

Elected in a voters' mess
And by news coverage distortion
Bill was elected by the press
So he could preserve abortion.

(This is our culture (sic) to live.
"Anyeverything goes" they shout,
Exceptions are conservatives
Vigorously dishing it out.)

(Victims): Martin Luther King and Maya Angelou astarring
Were known to show patriotic charism
Especially when speaking or writing
With expert covert plagiarism.

The Constitution says not to think
In terms of either black or white
But something certainly is a stink
Because color is now making right.

If still acting like running slaves
Abolition over years too
And the problem is still grave,
Then is that slavery in you?

It is us versus them.
We need an excuse
So continue we can
Our own self abuse.

Having made race an issue
By action of the affirmative kind
When asking for eye (Q) tissue
Liberals demand all be colored blind.

Those in a bright top curve enclave
Humanity abandoning from
As elites isolating themselves
The only true word for them is dumb!

It is not I.Q. that worries.
Other things are more important.
Do people know peace from furies?
What is their Civilized Quotient?

Everyone has a Quotient.
Some an I.Q. for one's Intelligence.
Others have a P-Quotient
With superiority in Pigments.

There is a Great Equalizer Removal
Of the bell curve's redolence
Because one is never to dull to follow
Those ancient Ten Commandments.

Our kind is not to be undone.
We won't have to take flack.
Not knowing how to be human,
We know how to be black.

Our kind is not to be undone.
We won't have to take spite.
Not knowing how to be human,
We know how to be white.

We are not to be undone.
We won't be behind.
Knowing not to be human,
We just know our kind.

Women can mutilate men
And blacks can hurt or kill whites
As liberals defend
Tolerance against the right.

It is open season on whites.
O.J. might killed two interspersed.
Can you imagine the riots
If the colors had been reversed?

"Well, I am angry and black.
I'll do anything in my rage.
So don't you give me no flack."
That is known as Law of the Cage.

Those supposed more obstacles overcoming
Liberals give special consideration...
Off their knees but still groveling and begging,
Not responsibility but victimization.

Professional victims want what they want improper
Proving parasite inferiority.
They demand all West Civ and real family life offer
Not doing it themselves incorrigibly.

"I have the right to whatever,"
Victim goes shaking and prancing.
"And I deserve it forever"
On graves of relatives dancing.

America the beautiful and good
A song change it must be...
Not sister or brother but victimhood
From sea to shining sea.

Superiority is known by work
Not by color of one's skin.
Inferiority is not a quirk
But is the trouble you are in.

If always giving prevarication
And getting help inconsiderately
Just add aggrandizing fabrication
To get super-inferiority.

The Constitution makes free
So who gets chosen is right,
But it won't be you or me
Because we are male and white.

Feminists, blacks, homosexuals, Indians
Are the victim elite to be wined and supped.
While politically correct unhumans
Discriminate against white males speaking up.

Two wrongs do make right victim rights.
It's called affirmative action.
The present must pay for past fights
To correct past generations.

It is what society does don't cry,
And it is not discrimination.
White boys over three need not apply
But when dead will get compensation.

Diversity and multiculture crews
Talk freedom but force using whips and flails.
Condemning what Hitler did to the Jews,
Liberal P.C.ers do to white males.

In the right diversity
Quotas for good balance are commanded
By groups in perversity
If not proportional as demanded.

"Gotta have a quota" all will scream.
Balance it in a big fair way:
Women for the West Point football team
And whites for the NBA.

"They're coming to America" singing
The melodious song as it does say
So then why are they fleeing but bringing
Their crummy country to the U.S.A.?

Democrats know immigrants cannot sin
Even with terrible stuff on the way,
But if they bring their old country with them,
One must wonder why they do not just stay?

Instead of being blown to kingdom come
Immigrants want good life differentia.
But if they bring what they were fleeing from
Then why did they come to America?

"Africa gave all" preachers
And African Studies cry.
But one can't believe teachers
Who have ever told one lie.

Making up conspiring stories
Calling them history wellfound
Presenting multi-cultural lies
And life to be a battle ground.

They stand in perfect parity
Identical 'cept for skin tan
The White Supremacist Party
And the Black Nation of Islam.

Black studies on the black experience
Will try anything to control their fate
Even by jiving loud intimidance
Which seems to create nothing but self-hate.

African studies fabricate grandiose
Undocumented claims like Egyptians are kin.
Not wanting to make anyone feel morose
The first sub-Saharan library was when?

Without solid documentation
African starts are gigantasy.
Everything is a black creation
Not with scholarship but fantasy.

Claims are made with grandiloquence
And with hot feelings mighty strong.
The nice thing about Impudence
Is you cannot ever be proved wrong.

Civilizations have a broad spectra
But some unlogic is like "man-o-man!"
Really: If Egypt is in Africa
Of course, then Egyptians are Africans?

Some civilizations were put in ruins
But the legacy is said not all small.
Thus it was Africans not the Russians
Who invented American baseball.

But of all the wacko regale
And historical rewrite quack
Most pathetic is Maya A's tale
That Shakespeare was a female black.

Even good fairytales don't fly.
They always splat plainly fall flat.
To be living a bunch of lies...
Can't be more inferior than that.

Are brothers or sisters ever helped by
Lies no matter how inspirational?
Doesn't anyone understand the cry
That untruths are the root of all evil.

Make them feel good but not uplift
Even if they deserve contemn
Because it all is fraud and myth
That thick fiction called self-esteem.

Does he know what he is doing?
Or is he a political hack
Blankly going through the motions
With a "how dare you question me" back.

Both who is right and who is wrong
Can't decide at a voting booth.
All must decide by shout or song
If there is no objective truth.

Elected by majority never,
Bill becomes the White House resident.
But first, foremost and forever
He is the Abortion President.

Elected in a voters' mess
And by news coverage distortion
Bill was elected by the press
So he could preserve abortion.

(What's the problem if you talk
Or write like a T.V. show?
At grossness one cannot balk.
This is our culture you know.)

(Sex): Under the spreading family tree refined
Hillary becomes glorious
Teaching women to be foul saccharine
And men to be uxorious.

Feminists have a special way
Of feeling they are lucid.
Thereby proving everyday
That feelings make you stupid.

The Equal Rights Amendment too
Post flight took a mighty fall.
All it would have meant to you
Is equal misery for all.

Equality is a will-o-wisp without good sequel.
Equality is not(!) everyone knows.
And to prove all people are unequal
Just have everyone take off all their clothes.

Equality, false goddess, runs and goes
About with a great big gun which she trains
Onto women shooting up their egos
And onto men shooting them in their brains.

Women always get to go first.
Their "equality" never fails.
So feminists now yell their curse:
"Straight to hell with all those white males."

Here is nepotism Queen Hillary
Smuggingly as woperson Regina
She fanciful reinvents the family
Proving feminists hate the vagina.

Hillary, typical feminist,
As usual works both sides of the street.
For the nonce, chivalry she is against
Unless in need then she will act sweet.

The selfishness of feminists
Is something massive to see: me!
Whimpering, whining, sobbing sis's
"I want you, he, she, it to be!"

Women besides being baby breeders
Can do whatever and all now hails.
But when women are needed as leaders
That society has ruined its males.

"Chairman" is in the chair/chairperson bind
As all suffering manophobe fleeings
Prove only men belong to mankind
While wo are just huperson beings.

Family is now everyone
Who is living under the roof.
It might even includes a ton
Or two of animals with hoofs.

Society can be Hades
But such isn't to be for wo(men?)
Who must be treated like ladies
Even when acting like he-men.

When women are made to feel bad
Equal treatment's not being served.
But when men are put far from glad
They are getting what they deserve.

Watching all the girls get ahead
By "how dare you" sweet coquetry
The puzzled boys damn near drop dead
Figuring out equality.

While little boys need special help
To become good, fair, strong men hale,
Feminists foist a harsh mean hell
To ruin 'em and put 'em in jail.

Especially if killed by a woman
Men are wrong automatically.
Man-killers don't belong in prison.
Judge or governor will set her free.

The lady killed her children under three.
Liberals and NOW defend her with noise,
Because she blamed a male, naturally,
And the victims were merely two boys.

Women can stimulate men regardless
For men: an egregious sexism gap.
But if women can go around topless
Why cannot men wear shiney phallocaps?

The poor dumb guys have it shady
And need more than a little luck.
They have to treat like a lady
A gal even if "dressed" to ____.

What does she want when dressed in the seductive bit:
Short, short, tight skirt to braless, tight top revealage?
For men the only question is: when she shows it
Will she pout if no one comments on her cleavage?

Overflirting the guys so boys can't tell,
Girls act seductive to drop their pantsy.
But then they get guilty and whine like hell
And complain when the boys all get handsy.

Porno sex queens pretend a love-in
And give feminists the fits
As the free press submissive women
Openly play with their teats.

"I didn't know it was sex harassment" he said.
"So how can I be condemned or confined?
I was following and just being led
By White House, Ted Kennedy and press guidelines."

Boys with feminists as mothers
Have not mothers but snarl witches
And learn all women together
Are foul-mouthed selfish me-bitches.

Women getting theirself on track
Is now proclaimed equality
While men being shamed to hold back
Is not to be called chivalry.

A feminist is really one
Weird unnatural on the earth:
A non-pregnant orgasm woman
Having pangs of selfish childbirth.

There is no family without good women
Real female nature women if you please.
But you come up empty with exhaustion
Until you get them from way overseas.

God made Eve and women from Adam's rib
Making women soft and warm and brainy
But He left some men like Bill in a fix
Because of one extra bone too many.

Off to England Bill wanted to flee
But the crown for him was too later
If he could have run with Princess Di
He could have been her favorite satyr.

Sex antics gave liberals a sex thrill
Even Genifer Flowers on Bill's face.
But Paula Jones is no Anita Hill,
So liberals dream of Bill with Lovelace.

"Oh how I could get lost in those blue eyes"
Bill mutters to flight hostesses galore.
But Clinton is a disgrace among guys
He sneakedly treats all women as whores.

The FAA has sex harassment training
When a girl feels the guy's front and behind
But it goes on in spite of complaining
Because Bill Clinton barged into the line.

Sex harassment is bad if it is real
And not just in one's head.
But the same standards as Kennedy's deal
Lets the victims be dead.

Bill has a sex impulse problem with lust
Especially when he wants to care'em
'Cause to him American women must
Be the world's first community harem.

Homo and lesbo he promotes
So in gay games he can compete
Because Bill excels for play most
In "Very" Special Olympic feats.

Taking easy way out consistent
The press treats homophilia
As a "problem" non-existent
Like Church and pedophilia.

The "born that way, 10%, once forever" perusal
Proves that gross lying by the press is not a big fault
Because they cannot tell tolerance from approval
Or that homosexuality is disease and cult.

With ever a homo thing or idear
No matter how once passing or overcowed,
The homosexual cult claims you forever.
Neither treatment nor choice will be allowed.

Still many say loudly "We can be cured!"
And with other thousands resisting sin,
They make the gross Gay Agenda deferred
And find the heterosexual within.

Learning American Civil Liberties Union crude
Planned Parenthood, teachers and nat'l educators seek
Women as students of hand job, blow job and quick sex screwed
Which for American men is like taking a leak.

Elected by majority never,
Bill becomes the White House resident.
But first, foremost and forever
He is the Abortion President.

Elected in a voters' mess
And by news coverage distortion
Bill was elected by the press
So he could preserve abortion.

(I spent three years in the submarines
Keeping the Russian bear from attack.
After country-running liberal queens,
I want every one of those years back.)

(Military): Under the spreading chemistry
With annual physical exam tube Bill sits
Trying to decide if to pee
Or if to take a spitz.

Democrats travel to places once red
Basking in new freedom as they go round
Ever since Ron Reagan stood up and said
"You Communists tear that Berlin Wall down."

Hussy-whipped by bland Hillary
Bill became the fellow
Who changed the nations colory
To red, white and yellow.

Communism was defeated
Making freedom a bellringer.
Open-mouthed Bill basks elated
And he did not lift a finger.

Bill hops about the world afar
Signing peace accords with frothing
But yet all throughout the Cold War,
Bill did absolutely nothing!

Military technology
Caused the war Russians to crumble.
Liberals very timidly
Kept on crying loudly "uncle."

At last to the free West star spangled star
The Russians surrendered after a lag.
While conservatives fought the long cold war,
Liberal Democrats waived a white flag.

Right hand Clinton finally found
With which he flounders to salute
On carriers, planes, tanks and the ground.
Doesn't it make you want to puke?

With dull, quick-witted, glib aplomb
Big Bill struggles with his weighty
So the Great Coward of Vietnam
Is the Conqueror of Haiti.

Bill hated the military service.
Canada was his itinerary
But now he uses the armed forces
In mad self-contradicting irony.

For Vietnam Bill was duck and swerve.
As Pres he gives a warlike front.
So expecting others to serve,
He gets upset if for him we won't.

If Bush had gone on to Bagdad
Peaceful liberals would have cried
"He's out for blood and that is bad.
Instead like us take cyanide."

Bush listened to the puffing press
And didn't finish off Hussein
So the press had Bill clean the mess
By attacking the Gulf again.

Bill done good proving Hussein
Was really full of blarney
But he could not ground regain
Without Ron Reagan's army.

The Serbs took over Bosnia
Even after Bill gave a scold.
Like Coward-in-Chief Alfalfa
It was sure the Clinton of old.

In a foxhole in a shoot 'em up war
The leader of NOW wants her companion
To be an eager female tennis star...
No surprise because both are lesbian.

Giving military funding no heft
Disappearing is every hot weapon,
Soon with the fight in this army left
Bill would even consider to serve in.

Hill-Bill-y loves equality
For everyone all over global
They give away technology
For the Julius Rosenberg medal.

No President ever promoted death
By singing a dull, weak, cowardly song
So the most patriotic thing Bill ever sayeth
Is "my penis right or wrong."

At D-Day celebration
Bill is simply out of place.
A dead soldier's father refuses congratulation
Because Bill is a pure disgrace.

Jessie Helms got on the trouble shelf
Saying stay away from an army base
Which is what Bill was telling himself
For years about that Vietnam place.

Bill avoided Vietnam for pleasantry.
He has a different idea of love,
Because when Bill is thinking of country
It is not the land he is thinking of.

He can carry her far and near
"But I can't carry him" she cries.
For her military career
It is okay that men will die.

While speaking of cunnilingus
And fleeing Vietnam,
He cowardly kills the fetus
And answers all with balm.

Elected by majority never,
Bill becomes the White House resident.
But first, foremost and forever
He is the Abortion President.

Elected in a voters' mess
And by news coverage distortion
Bill was elected by the press
So he could preserve abortion.

A saint of clever slick vile 60's culture
Disgust is his freedom of spake.
He's an oxymoronic good-life vulture
Who must like this tome "in your face."

(Abortion): Hill-Bill-y tries with fervor
The bungling answers to find
Thus they eagerly deliver
Abortions to all mankind.

To censor is ground for deep burials.
To suppress is liberals' contrary.
But how come Right to Life materials
Keep disappearing from the library?

Overheard in news editor's report:
Right to Life is to be put in a hole
And never covered unless with distort.
And so the news industry loses its soul.

Tiny human bodies are anathema
As decreed by press media fanatics.
Bill remakes the symbols of America
Into condoms and abortion clinics.

"We are pro-choice" so they say, oh.
But "pro-choice" is a contortion.
Indeed, why oh, why oh, why oh
Are they not so "pro-abortion"?

The poor woman's got a huge problem list
But to solve them all the press just hollers
Just see your ghoulish gad abortionist
With blood cash of three hundred dollars.

Those poor women need lots of help
Not news people who merely loaf.
The unborn baby too needs help.
Why cannot we just love them both?

Right to Life protects all men and women
But the press and media offer a knife.
For America it is a bad omen
Unless all help men and women choose life.

Right to Life protects the unborn.
Press and media make both lose.
The U.S. never more forlorn.
They ought to let those babies choose.

Never being embryos was understood
To exempt Hill-Bill-y from the Golden Rules.
So the two Clintons pimp for Planned Parenthood
And provide money for fetal research tools.

Gleeful fetal researchers carve up babies
And embryos from everyone but their selves.
And without a conflict of interest maybe
Panel researchers give money to themselves.

The Genome Project heredity junta
Gives genetic ethnic cleansing a good name
By the ultimate in eugenic hunting
Hill-Bill-y obtained final solution fame.

The Genome Jerks will discover thrilling
Genes for fatness and everything but blame,
And for journalism, lying, killing
And abortion, one gene does all the same.

Abortion causes breast cancers
Hesitant slow scientists say
But the press and baby killers
Ignore 'til science is their way.

So Hill-Bill-y pretends to know it all
As they follow placidly with a grin
Except that real time very simple call
Of just exactly when life does begin.

Elected in a voters' mess
And by news coverage distortion
Bill was elected by the press
So he could preserve abortion.

Elected by majority never,
Bill becomes the White House resident.
But first, foremost and forever
He is the Abortion President.

Bill says he loves the right to choose
But not abortion he contends
No worry. No votes he will lose.
Abortion: the Jewish revenge.

(Religion): Hill-Bill-y goes showboat to church.
It actually is a parade.
Without much questioning their lurch,
It is a publicist charade.

Bill has the sleaziest, greasiest tongue
'Specially when needing a pictura
From the Bible to prove his thinking dung
By unremitting solo scriptura.

Hill-Bill-y page turning reads the Bible.
They do not worry about perdition.
They determined it's all a parable
To go kill the Christian Coalition.

If Bill can abuse the Bible
Like a sleazy, slick glib moron,
He'd salivate, squeal and dribble
To do the same to the Koran.

Isn't Islam a mess?
Run by a type of crook
Who lords power unblessed
To screw up the Good Book.

One should not insult the Koran
Or the Prophet that is for sure.
But the mean jerks who overran
The message are filled with manure.

The Good Book and Bible stand alone.
But people choose cheers and rejoices.
Those who have added a stone
Are the harshest of all voices.

New Age zany nonsense-ism
Inflated, pompous furuncles
But just like all gnosticism
Has mankind going in circles.

Hill-Bill-y has got religion.
So when he does you a favor,
Just accept the one condition
That Hill-Bill-y is the savior.

With religion Bill follows the ruse
So common even if frenetic
That if you ever criticize Jews
You are auto-anti-Semitic.

(Whoops "oh dear" says the reader sad
"I must careful be more select...
This angry poet might be bad..."
Proving the preceding verse correct.)

How can you ever be of help
If you cannot tell "you are wrong."
It can be a defect of self
That anti-Semitism song.

Ron Reagan did not care about Jewish rants
No anti-Semitism even latent.
But Bill and Jimmy were slob'ring sycophants
Proving anti-Semitism guilt patent.

Be careful you goy gentile blokes.
"Anti-Semitism" is an ism
When some cannot take any jokes
Or even fair criticism.

If he is not a good old goy
And it is not the bad old days
With power and name calling boys
There could be an anti-goyism craze.

Anti-goyism is a simple way to thinkee
And it certainly seals another's fate:
They say: "If you do not agree with me
Then it is me and all mine that you hate."

"Anti-Semite!" ostensibly
Is to keep all Jews from hurting
But unlike the First Century
It just keeps them from converting.

The Holocaust anathematizes
Gentile babies so they are killed real bad.
And yet someone who sharp criticizes
May be the best friend you ever had.

The Holocaust Museum documents man's wrongs
And corners the market on victimhood pity
Slandering any guy even Pope Pius XII strong
Unwittingly documenting perfidy.

The Holocaust makes some Jews so sensitive
They can dish out to you any offense
And still criticism no one will give
When disarmed by the victimhood defense.

Diversity and tolerance glorious
This arrogant White House pretentiously flies.
But the secret message is still obvious:
Practicing Roman Catholics need not apply.

Hill-Bill-y never heard the real Good News
Or a voice crying in the wilderness.
But it's what the Church is supposed to do:
Loving Truth and clean up the dirtiness.

The stands of the Church with courage
Disturb Hill-Bill-y's slick sleaze song.
This mundane world feels guilt outrage
Whenever it is told right from wrong.

The errors which the Church confess
Are to be condemned militant.
While those of others and the press
Are ignored as irrelevant.

The Roman Catholic Church is feeble setback
As a big non-violent target outside
By a liberal ethnic cleansing attack
Causing cultural Catholic genocide.

Discrimination is wrong, alleluu...
And do not hurt different people or smirch.
Well, tell it to homos and ACLU
As they beat up the Roman Catholic Church.

To pick on a large nonviolent Church
Some people easily do by malice
From an ethnic cleansing genocide perch
With typical liberal cowardice.

The Church should keep all its kids home ever
Even if it costs gom't support and bail.
On Catholic campus recruiters never,
And complete the first national flag sale.

For no more cannon fodder or fools
The best way to make is clear stands.
No more pledges or flags in schools
And please no more Catholic chaplains.

How come Catholics serve beyond their yards
Dying for press, news and government jerks?
Well, all mine will remain as the home guards
Until the kids of those others die first.

In W. W. I and II disproportionate
Slaughtered in Vietnam and the Korean War.
Super patriotism: a scam unfortunate
Catholics for cannon fodder no more.

Keep separation of Church and state.
Secularists get Church out of your head.
But something is even more first rate:
Religionists tell that state to "drop dead."

Entertainment is an assault
If Jimmy the Greek mentions blacks.
How insensitive and at fault.
He should have mentioned Mackerel Snaps.

Christians have an extra chromosome bit
Says Gore protected by press from a fall.
Just imagine if Dan Quayle had said it?
Obviously Christian slurs don't count at all.

Paganism is right up Bill's alley
Hillary is positiv%ly atilt!
For pagans love to take all and rally...
Without truth, love, goodness, oneness or guilt.

Under the spreading bigotry -- hectic!
He does not know which one to choose:
"Some of my best friends are Catholic"
Or "Some of my worst friends are Jews."

Elected by majority never,
Bill becomes the White House resident.
But first, foremost and forever
He is the Abortion President.

Elected in a voters' mess
And by news coverage distortion
Bill was elected by the press
So he could preserve abortion.

(I love all my freedoms and rights
And I'll die for them in a burst.
But those parasite liberal blights
I would like damn well to shoot first.)

(Liberal): Liberal beginnings:
With books and money sprees
But from start to ending
Are really me-me-me's.

Liberals are inflated beasts
With massive grandiose answers
That just do not work in the least
Except to hurt criticizers.

Liberal tradition:
New is better to get.
But their new is old fashion.
They just do not know it yet.

Usual liberal results:
A short term "I feel good" high
That somehow always defaults
To a dysocial long term die.

Liberals care for everyone immense.
Every type of awful thing they forgive.
What on self-righteous earth do they have against
Human beings who are conservative?

Liberals smugly tolerant
Can put up with any cause
No matter how abhorrent
Except a conservative clause.

Freedom for liberals is real true grist
Extending from home all the way to school,
Because freedom is what they say it is.
If you don't comply, they'll mock you as fool.

When those nasty liberals turn agin ya
They will clobber and get you that's a promise
By a methodical, blind monomania
Delicately refined on Clarence Thomas.

The Nat'l Book 'ward commendation
Is an intellectual sham.
From them a recommendation
Is nothing but a "get you" scam.

Those teethy fem mataharis
Have one track for Clarence Thomas.
It's the same "objectivity"
That they had for Chris Columbus.

A wacko claim of liberal pollutes
Is that Christians are filled with hate and fear.
To really discover those attributes
Liberals should just look in the mirror.

If one acts superiorly arrogant
Like an obsessive know-it-all parent
Then the liberal life is tolerant
Absolutely except of those who aren't.

News, books and programs will never end
Giving what liberals want depicted
Because the news industry has liberal friends
Refusing not ever to be corrected.

Liberals are rather grandiose
With a pat answer not panic
For problems big to otiose.
Their confidence is quite manic.

Liberals have learned to twist the law
For whatever they want, not you.
They are crazy and filled with flaws,
That uncivil ACLU.

Some can do anything they want.
Their contrived freedom just smothers.
Meanwhile, conservatives must hunt.
Liberals are more equal others.

Lies are important for liberals too.
Self-confirming is their aim select.
For liberals always do what they do
To convince theirselves they are correct.

Celebrities are empty nothings
But what you make of them don't you know
Unprincipled light show arrogant hollow rings
To be shunned, ignored, told to go.

Hollywood gets itself investigated
For Commie unAmericanism but then
The only intolerance perpetrated
Is no anti-communists will work again.

Liberal politicians have contents
To give their vote for pederasty.
They are loyal to their constituents:
The journalism and news industry.

My favorite rap song goes like this: Hey baby lets not stop.
We not gonna kill a cop.
We gonna do a new big twist.
We gonna kill a journalist.
Ug, yuck, grunt.

Hey baby lets not stop.
We not gonna kill a cop.
We gonna take a two-by-four,
And beat to death an editor.
Belch, burp, moan, groan.

Hey baby lets not stop.
We not gonna kill a cop.
We gonna laugh like a clown
While we burn a newspaper down.
This is music, wam bam bam.
This is free expression and
Contempt of press is truthfully grand.

Hostile violent offenses
With which all can be wacked and hit
Are liberally defended
'Cept conservatives doing it.

"We're liberally tolerant"
Liberals say flamboyantly
"Just watch us degrade and supplant
Ideas conservatively."

When liberals gain full power
They control all people like elves,
But everything then turns sour
Because they can't govern themselves.

Liberals say "let conscience be your guide…
Unless your conscience wants conservation"
Which goes to prove liberals cannot hide
Their own internal self-contradiction.

Liberals say they love freedom
But their freedom has a flaw:
They demand you imitate them
So no one is free at all.

Brain function is the determiner
To control society and all.
One can always tell an Alzheimer
Because he was first a liberal.

Liberals say you catch flies with vinegar
While Hillary says "More with honey for sure."
But Bill says catching all is not with sugar
And he shows that you catch most flies with manure.

Never before was such a liberal fling
As illiberal as Hillary and Bill
Who straightfacedly can deny anything
So the sociopathy label they fill.

UnWonderful people tolerant
Liking to plan for all to be free,
But they are nothing but fraudulent
When they condemn nasty words from me.

Hill-Bill-y society is no bust
Because the entire world gets the breadth
Of a culture of ignorant disgust
And civilization of massive death.

The abortion war attrition
Mounts up counting more, more and more
The last casualty addition
Was 48 million to 4.

America is overthrown.
The Constitution is harmed, ye!
The press has built its own loud throne.
It's an occupying army.

Garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage
Protected by press counterfeit.
Garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage
And I'm s'posed to be delicate.

(Liberals say anything goes
And our culture is to show 'em
Gross lyrics obscene picture shows
So how will they like this poem?)

Elected in a voters' mess
And by news coverage distortion
Bill was elected by the press
So he could preserve abortion.

Elected by majority never,
Bill becomes the White House resident.
But first, foremost and forever
He is the Abortion President.


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