Abortion Hard Sell
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Abortion Hard Sell

Plain Dealer

August 1, 1984


"(Abortion is) a decision only a woman should make -- not some judge, not some legislature, not even some interested party," wrote Editorial Director Mary Anne Sharkey (July 7). I doubt she knows how right she is. Indeed, get these "interested parties" out of the women's decision:

1. The abortion salesperson who masquerades as a "counselor."

2. The physician whose income from doing abortions renders him as trustworthy and honorable as the label describing his job.

3. Medical, psychiatric and chemical dependency centers whose staffs press for abortion so women can continue in their programs.

4. The parents and caretakers who apply not-so-subtle pressures about the lack of room in their lives for a child.

5. The comely, pseudocomposed feminist out to reassure herself that her own abortion was right by convincing another woman to have an abortion.

6. The man responsible for the pregnancy who treats both the woman and his child as a member of his harem.

7. Anyone who has a financial investment in or supports commercial abortion mills.

8. Planned Parenthood, family planning and sex education promoters who must have abortions available in order to bail themselves out of the embarrassment of having program after program never seeming to work.

9. Population misanthropes who manipulate numbers, depersonalize calculations and dehumanize solutions.

10. "Terrorists" (the right word) who encourage abortion as a means of career promotion or social engineering.

11. Journalists, editors and all others who cannot recognize the importance of their fetal life for the rest of their life, and if they do, will not battle for others having the same chance at life as they had.

12. Judges and lawyers who fabricate "rights" and suppress truth about personal fetal stages through which all humanity must pass.

13. People who will prevent the pregnant woman from having an informed consent by censoring the facts about the humanity of the child in her womb and the physical and psychological complications of abortions.

These "interested parties" are individuals in the commerce of abortion, and as long as abortion is a business,women are only fooling themselves when they think the decision is theirs.

When the abortion business is replaced by genuine "family" support, then and only then will women be able to come to know the humanity of their unborn children, and then the choice will be informed and truly hers.


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