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Pimps For Abortionists

Letter To CBS - 60 Minutes

February 4, 1992

Dear Smug and Arrogant Ones:

I saw part of your program "Lambs of Christ," which aired February 2, 1992. What I saw was hilarious, and it takes all my willpower to hold back from describing what you did and what you are in genuinely appropriate earthy terms.

No doubt, you think it was a fair program and balanced and that you correctly highlighted events that are examples of malicious behavior.

But if truths can come out about Alar, they most assuredly will come out about abortion. What makes you think that Truth will not trample you over time? The more lies you perpetuate, the more you are going to need.

The transparent advocacy role for abortion played by the press and media and as demonstrated by your program, "Lambs of Christ," demonstrates what a disgrace at 60 Minutes (and almost all the press and media) are. You are selective, self-serving, and literally pimps for abortionists.

Really, you could just have well presented a sympathetic (tell me you were not sympathetic to the woman abortionist on "Lambs of Christ") feature on Dr. Bernard Nathanson and the original National Abortion Rights Action League fabrications of the figures on the number of abortions and abortion-related deaths. You could have exposed the malicious, hate-scheming against Catholics by NARAL -- it is all documented. You could easily infiltrate and reveal the abortion-promotion people -- "Abortion Inc." as Planned Parenthood has demonstrated to be, pointing out how their abortion business always increases wherever they go with their alleged "sex-education" programs in what is the most egregious example of self-serving conflict of interest in the history of the world. And to the permanent discrediting of you and the rest of the press and media, the worst police brutalities against Right-to-Lifers have been censored -- I know -- I have seen the tapes that you people would not show.

Somehow, what the "Lambs of Christ" were said to have done pales when compared to the malicious violence done by you at 60 Minutes and by others about abortion -- because the worst of what you do is your underlying massive dishonesty of pretending balance and fairness.

You are the worst tyrants this country every had -- never mind that it may be only about abortion -- abortion is the one issue where you should have never allowed yourselves to be coopted. About an issue like abortion, you should be unshakable in your allegiance to the principles which you profess, but obviously do not keep.

In this regard, the most accurate and precise word which applies to the behavior of the press and media in regards to abortion (and almost any other issue therefore) is "psychopath" -- and that is exactly the word that fits best all of you at 60 Minutes.


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