King Midas
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King Midas, Abortion Style

July 1997

 The press pampers Bill Clinton in a way which proves the people in control of the press are frauds. Really, Bill Clinton is no King Midas.

 Unmercifully beating up President Ronald Reagan for visiting a German cemetery which, unbeknownst beforehand, happened to contain a few graves of Nazi SS, the press ignores Bill Clinton's sending condolences to North Korea about the death of their leader, Kim Il Sung, who was the last of the Stalinist tyrants and who was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of American soldiers.

 The question is no longer how stupid Bill Clinton can get, but how low will the press go to mollycoddle this so-called leader. If the press selected and elected him as the Abortion President (if??), it is obvious that the demagogues of the press will do anything...even self-abort by traitorousness to the First keep abortion alive and well.

 Considering the entire agenda and end result of almost everything done by pro-abortion people (from Presidents to editors), is it possible that stupidity and abortion are synonymous? Or perhaps it is deeper than that: Can it be that when the mind denies the existence of any human being at whatever stage of life, there is an automatic mental derangement that keeps one from being able to see the truth in other matters such that almost everything done turns into a disaster?

 Whatever, when one begins to see the malignant, pervasive impact of the abortion mentality, you realize in time that it leads to little good in whatever direction the pro-abortion person moves and in whatever activities he undertakes, because not only does his conscience have a huge hole in it but his normally functioning mind is fogged by a lie actively embraced.

 This ought to be called "the abortion touch." It is somewhat like "the Midas touch." While everything King Midas touched turned to gold, everything an Abortion Person touches turns to something else.


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