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Dr. Nathanson
Overlooked Medical Factors
Plain Dealer Letter to Editor
Abortion Hard Sell
Pimps For Abortionists
King Midas
Female Genital Mutilation
RU486 & The Catholic Church
The Life Of The Mother
A Scientific Critique
Time Magazine
Unwanted Children
Violence at Abortion Clinics
Copy And Distribute At Abortion Clinics
It Takes A Village To Kill A Child
Justice Blackmon and Legal Abortion
Walt Whitman Visits An Abortion Clinic
A Liberal Potpourri - Hill-Bill-Y
Morality and Dahmer
The Denaturalization Of The Profession Of Psychiatry
The Day Abortion Died
A Crisis Of Conscience A Catholic Doctor Speaks Out
Sen John Glenn
Walt Whitman Visits With Rolf Hochhuth
In Reply To
The Sorry Science of JAMA
Ted Kennedy
The Pro-Choice Label
Roman Catholicism
The Dog on the Altar
Cannon Fodder
The Ethnic Cleansing of Catholics
Women and the Priesthood
Without Tradition
The Media
Letter Criticizing Newspapers
Breaking The Last Taboo
Television Violence
The Detrimental Effects of Television
The Press
The Press
Heads & Tails Award Winners
Freedom of the Press
Million Man March
Hoaxes and the Appropriate Response
Letter to Mary Leftkowitz
Why Negro
Letter to Christopher Darden
The Ultimate Disrespect
Lettter to Michael Eric Dyson
English Vs. Ebonics
The Extermination of Negroes
Protect Youth

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